Week 4 Post Op

A couple of random thoughts as I’m now 4 weeks post op. When I’ve had my cast changed, I’ve never felt the urge to rub my damaged leg.  It’s as if the leg isn’t part of me until it works…. Very odd.  I’m also becoming a bit fearful of actually starting to put weight on the leg.  I guess this is the next stage once I’m in the robo-boot          (hopefully on Monday).  One final thought, I have a recurring dream that I am sitting on the side of a pool with my feet dangling in the cool water…. Must be connected with my ‘cast frustration’.  Is this all normal??

2 Responses to “Week 4 Post Op”

  1. From reading the blogs and from my own experience so far, starting to put weight on the leg for the first time is generally terrifying the first few times but you get used to it quickly. Just you gotta trust yourself and your team of doctors, they wouldnt tell you to do something if you were not ready to do so. And for dreams, my reoccuring leg dream is me either on the sideline of the basketball court or football field and everyone is telling me to go in but then i tell them i cant cause of my injury. weird lol. Best of luck!

  2. Agree w/ Mike. The immediate reaction to the injury is to be extra-cautious. That helps I think during say the first two or so weeks. After that, it can be a liability to be over-conservative. You have to trust yourself a bit, and also let the injured leg remember how to do what it would and should normally do. Healing is regaining ability, coordination, strength and balance — functionality. Not just the tendon being reconnected. So you have to do certain things, bit by bit, to aid the recovery process. PWB to FWB just part of that.

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