One week since surgery and counting….

Posted on December 28, 2008 by mps5.
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Ruptured the L tendon in a boot camp (no pun intended !!!) exercise class 12/20/08 feeling the kick in the calf and the typical loud ! pop that everyone in the room heard over the loud music ! Body builders carried me to my car and I drove to my brother the ortho hand surgeon’s office where he splinted me and called on his buddy leg surgeons to schedule the earliest date for surgery (12/22).

I am insulted by the “weekend warrior” stereotype as I exercise carefully and conscientiously especially after my acl repair 7 yrs ago. I stretch all of the time, do yoga, and have always been active throughout my 47 yrs. Shit happens and I’d rather have this challenge and feed my soul with activity than be a proclaimed couch potato with no risk taking!

I will hopefully see my awesome and compassionate athlete surgeon tomorrow to have stitches taken out and my 3rd in the series of splints/casts put on. Will I be getting a boot? Hopefully a clearer picture of when therapy will start will be painted….I know it is a long haul. I am so frustrated not being able to do my normal routine of cooking and caring for my house….especially with my college aged kids and Hs son home with all of their stuff.  Now that I am off narcotics (by my choice) I am not so easy going about this down time.  Everyone, especially my husband, has been wonderful waiting on me but Iam not one to look past work to be done around me!

I will use my time to learn Italian through Rosetta Stone….something I’ve not put the time aside to do…..and other sedintary tasks my activity filled life has not lent itself to.

So impressed with this site for helpful info and support!


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Comment on December 29th, 2008.

This is a little off topic but I used Rosetta Stone Spanish, level 1 & 2. It is really good. Enjoy that program! :)

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