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Okay back at it here….

So my last post was my explanation of a complication of blood clots forming. This is under control but the 2nd complication I had was that I have a nerve issue. Doc thinks it the nerve that runs down the outside of my leg, that controls your toes and foot motion.

This has gradually gotten better but still have a ton of numbness to my foot, mainly when I try and squeeze my toes, the ball of my foot and the outside bottom of my foot goes numb.

Sitting at week 9, I am in the CAM boot, when walking around, Full weight bearing in the boot and have just started baby steps without the boot. When I do this, my foot is still numb and I have pain/soreness on my heal and the whole bottom of my foot.

I have been going to the PT twice a week for the last 3 weeks and have rode a bike with the boot on, also just last week, I walked no boot, with the parallel bars, I have no real pain in the Achilles area just tightness in my calf and soreness on the bottom of my foot.

One thing to note, so when I first started to go full weight bearing with the boot, since the boot height was higher than any of my other shoes, I was walking higher on my right than my left, which caused some discomfort to my left hip area. I searched on Amazon and found a strap that you can place a lift on your shoe so that it’s even. It has helped tremendously, it was around $20.00 or so, but I rushed the delivery and paid total around $50. Granted my PT said, that by week 11, he wants me out of the boot, so it may have been a wasted purchase, but to me, a couple of weeks without hip pain is worth it!

Sorry I am jumping around in this story…

I can tell you this, in reading many of the other posts it has helped me realize that the things I have experienced and potentially will experience are part of the process.

Key point with this recovery is take your time, don’t over do it as the scare is a re-rupture. I am very hesitant to walk on my foot, even though the PT says it’s time, last thing I want is more time added to my recovery.

Oh and I will say this… My wife is a Saint! More to come as I have time to jump back in here.

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