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Okay back at it here….

So my last post was my explanation of a complication of blood clots forming. This is under control but the 2nd complication I had was that I have a nerve issue. Doc thinks it the nerve that runs down the outside of my leg, that controls your toes and foot motion.

This has gradually gotten better but still have a ton of numbness to my foot, mainly when I try and squeeze my toes, the ball of my foot and the outside bottom of my foot goes numb.

Sitting at week 9, I am in the CAM boot, when walking around, Full weight bearing in the boot and have just started baby steps without the boot. When I do this, my foot is still numb and I have pain/soreness on my heal and the whole bottom of my foot.

I have been going to the PT twice a week for the last 3 weeks and have rode a bike with the boot on, also just last week, I walked no boot, with the parallel bars, I have no real pain in the Achilles area just tightness in my calf and soreness on the bottom of my foot.

One thing to note, so when I first started to go full weight bearing with the boot, since the boot height was higher than any of my other shoes, I was walking higher on my right than my left, which caused some discomfort to my left hip area. I searched on Amazon and found a strap that you can place a lift on your shoe so that it’s even. It has helped tremendously, it was around $20.00 or so, but I rushed the delivery and paid total around $50. Granted my PT said, that by week 11, he wants me out of the boot, so it may have been a wasted purchase, but to me, a couple of weeks without hip pain is worth it!

Sorry I am jumping around in this story…

I can tell you this, in reading many of the other posts it has helped me realize that the things I have experienced and potentially will experience are part of the process.

Key point with this recovery is take your time, don’t over do it as the scare is a re-rupture. I am very hesitant to walk on my foot, even though the PT says it’s time, last thing I want is more time added to my recovery.

Oh and I will say this… My wife is a Saint! More to come as I have time to jump back in here.

Complications ugh…

So glad I found this site, but wish I knew about it earlier.

Injury date - 3/11, surgery 3/16. Full rupture right foot.

Age - 46

Height 6′8

Playing hoops - Went up for an uncontested jump shot, thought someone kicked me in my right ankle, pain (like being hit with a golf ball), went down hard, looked back to yell at whomever kicked me and no one was there.

Fruit roll up below my calf and pain was crazy bad.

At least I made the shot!

Sitting at week 9 and have had a few complications thus far. On 3/27 I woke up early am around 4:30 am having a severe pain on my right chest/rib area. Decided to go get it looked at by my GP, blood test called a de-dimer and with the results a rush to the ER as I had developed blood clots. 2 of them, each on in my lower lobes of each lung. The one on the right was a bit larger, hence the pain as it attacked a vessel and killed part of my lung. Scary thing is that, these clots travelled up from my calf, through my heart and into my lungs, if they continued to move undetected my brain was their next stop. Could have bought the farm if this took place. WOW!!!! I am now the proud owner of blood thinners for 3 months. Xarelto - 1 pill 20mg once a day.

More to come as I need to get back to work…

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