3rd time in the hospital.

31 Jan 17 - Update.  So I had the procedure for the wound. The doctor said it required some work, but it’s all cleaned up. I’m required to stay in the hospital on antibiotics for 48 hours while they get the results of the testing they are doing on the “necrotic” material to see if there is any infection issues. Never spent a night in a hospital before, now I get to live here for the better part of the week. The plan from this point is back to a cast due to the fact that she had to pull a bit of the fiber wire out of the tendon, not happy about that. Cast for 3 weeks then back to the boot and pwb after.  Trying to stay positive but sitting in a hospital bed makes that difficult as you can imagine. I’ve been throug survival training and I’ll be honest, I’d rather do that again than have to deal with my unusually complicated recovery.  Of course, none of this would’ve ever happened if I hadn’t read injured my original repair. I feel like I have no one to blame but myself. For anyone reading, DON’T PUSH IT, totally not worth the chance of compilations.  I will update as things progress.

2 Responses to “3rd time in the hospital.”

  1. Hopefully you’re on the up now, keep us updated!

  2. Matt,
    Don’t beat yourself up, you very well may have re ruptured at some point along the way. Be extra careful on uneven ground. Glad to hear you’re doing ok!

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