Celebration Day

This will be my final post on AchillesBlog. I’m in two shoes, I’m done all my physical therapy, had my final checkup with the surgeon, and I’ll be back on the basketball court in July. In fact, I just won my first game of tetherball since the injury.

From my standpoint, I had zero problems with the recovery. The surgery went well, the drugs were wonderful, the boot I was given allowed me to be mobile and functional very soon after, and the physical therapy seemed to accelerate everything.

Thanks to everyone on this blog for their words of wisdom and support, it is much appreciated. I’ll see you all again when I rupture the other one!

4 Responses to “Celebration Day”

  1. Congrats! Great to hear of another successful recovery!

  2. That’s great news. Congrats and good luck.

  3. In the sports-med-clinic waiting room for my second ATR, I met a guy who used to work in a similar clinic. He said that when they discharged ATR patients, they’d say “See you soon!” because so many ruptured the other one.
    The stats in the one study I’ve seen - posted in the Studies & Protocols page, look for Contralateral - don’t support that attitude, though the risk is way higher than for a random person who hasn’t ruptured one AT (~200X higher during the first few years). If they just studied those of us who ruptured “normally” in sports or similar, I bet the risk would be a bit higher still, but still not exactly “likely”. I don’t think 1 in 20 of posters here are working on their second ATR like me, MAYBE <1/50.

  4. Norm: Interesting— good to know. Let’s hope I’m in the 49/50.

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