Stairway to Heaven

I visited my surgeon after three weeks in the highly inclined boot. Apparently everything looks great, so he lowered the inclination in the boot from a 3 to a 2. Next week I can lower it to a 1, and the week after I can lower it to a 0. After three weeks at 0, I can get rid of it!

I am pleased to report that I can go up and down stairways without crutches and without sweating bullets. I can walk about two blocks in my boot before I’m exhausted. I can drink seven Manhattans before I black out.

I rented a FlexLeg after reading some of the comments on my last post. Unfortunately, it did not agree with me… it was easier to walk with the boot than the FlexLeg. I returned it after 5 days and got my money back (minus the $35 for shipping) no problem.

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  1. Sounds good! Install the ATR Timeline Widget (Main Page) if you can, to answer our FAQs.

  2. Ok I’ve got it all configured now, thanks norm.

  3. Funny!!! When I was in “protective custody” there was a take “Anne” out once a week chore assigned to someone in my family. I think I had 2 martinis with lunch once and I couldn’t crutch out of the restaurant. I started sweating profusely and went into a mental fog.

    I sweated so much using my crutches when I was in the cast that stopped using the crutches and started walking on my cast so I didn’t deplete all my electrolytes just getting to the bathroom.

    Congrats on your success! Take care.

  4. We’ve also had a few folks here with alcohol-enhanced injuries and reruptures, so Be Careful!

  5. Flex-leg…funny. An old friend of mine sent me a video of him walking on something similar - a knockoff he had made on his own. I was floored by it, didn’t realize something like that already existed in the world. Oh well, I was already in two shoes by then, but I’d have given it a go, had I known about it. I was one who *really* hated my crutches with a passion, though. Kudos on the Manhattan tolerance!

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