Good Times, Bad Times

The nerve block wore off at about 3pm yesterday, and my pain level steadily rose over the course of 3 hours. It ended up at about a 7 out of 10.

On top of the Percocet, I took some Ibuprofen and, amazingly, within about another 3 hours (9pm) I was back down to almost ZERO. Slept well… and today my pain level has been hovering around 1 or 2. Pretty awesome!

From the Too Much Information Department:
1. Peeing into a bottle is extremely convenient and may be an excellent option even after full recovery.
2. I haven’t had a bowel movement since surgery.

5 Responses to “Good Times, Bad Times”

  1. Continuing the TMI…
    Did they tell you to take stool softeners (like Colace) with the pain meds? Opiate pain meds are very constipating.

    I found that Advil helped my pain much more after the block wore off, too. I would sometimes take the prescription pain med “to sleep” and found sometimes even that didn’t work so I switched to benadryl at night.

  2. LOL, you seen to have a grip on things.

    I did not eat enough for the first week to worry about it and lost about 10 pounds in the process.

    Good luck,

  3. Oh this is a good giggle. I lost 18 pounds the first 4 weeks because after 4 days of being full of it, (literally), I decided I too would limit my intake. I thought about asking my doctor to catheterize me.

    After this experience, I would never develop an addiction to these type of meds. I started taking aspirin once the good stuff was gone and it worked fine. There were some painful days here and there though.

    Good luck!

  4. Heh– FYI I did have a ‘floodgates-are-open’ day on Monday. It was like a giant chocolate ice-cream toilet-cone!

  5. Haha i told my wife that i will continue using the bottle to pee in after i heal! so convenient

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