Whole Lotta Love

I came home last night from the OR feeling great. Lots of well-wishing from Facebook, and several nice comments on this blog too… thanks everyone!

From my standpoint, the surgery took 500 milliseconds. I remember looking at the anesthesiologist and then he transformed into my wife and I was in the recovery room. It would be so great if that would happen at DMV… You walk in, sit down, and suddenly a renewed driver’s license appears in your hand. No pain.

They gave me a nerve block behind the knee and I still can’t feel my calf or toes… Can’t move them either, which is a little freaky. For all I know they just amputated the leg below the knee and strapped on a cast with extremely realistic Madame Tussauds wax toes pointing out.

I slept well last night. My wife woke me up every four hours to administer the Percocet. I am rested and alert… a welcome surprise. We’ll see what happens when the nerve block wears off.

I’ve got an appointment one week from today to get the cast off and the stitches out. My doctor (Dr. Kou from Muir Orthopedics in Walnut Creek, CA) said he is somewhat ‘aggressive’ in post-op. I will be given a boot with a high heel, which I’ve always wanted an excuse to wear. Over the ensuing weeks he will lower the heel gradually.

Overall… I’m feeling very positive and supported. Can’t ask for much more!

3 Responses to “Whole Lotta Love”

  1. I had the popliteal block too. Mine lasted over 24 hours. I had very little need for pain meds and actually Advil worked better after the first day. Good luck!

  2. I had the same nerve block and it worked great. Almost no pain after surgery. I only had to use pain meds for a couple of days, and within a couple of days I wasn’t taking any meds at all. It’s nice you get to move to a boot so soon! I will be on week 4 when I go to my boot which will be next Tuesday, and that’s also when my stitches will come out. Good luck with your healing. I can tell you everyday from where you are to where I am gets a lot better.

  3. Thanks… Hopefully moving to the boot so early will be OK…!

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