Achilles Last Stand

I went back to the surgeon today, 8 days after surgery. He removed the cast and the sutures. According to him, my repair is holding fine. He put me in an AirWalk boot. Is it just me or do all of these medical device names remind you of 6th grade footwear that your mom told [...]

Good Times, Bad Times

The nerve block wore off at about 3pm yesterday, and my pain level steadily rose over the course of 3 hours. It ended up at about a 7 out of 10.
On top of the Percocet, I took some Ibuprofen and, amazingly, within about another 3 hours (9pm) I was back down to almost ZERO. Slept [...]

Whole Lotta Love

I came home last night from the OR feeling great. Lots of well-wishing from Facebook, and several nice comments on this blog too… thanks everyone!
From my standpoint, the surgery took 500 milliseconds. I remember looking at the anesthesiologist and then he transformed into my wife and I was in the recovery room. It would be [...]

Nobody’s Fault But Mine

Last Tuesday, I was playing pick-up basketball with a group of guys that I had not played with in three years. They all looked exactly the same, so I had no reason to think that anything would be different. At 38, I was almost the youngest guy there.
It was a really cold night. I arrived [...]