6 Weeks 5 days!! Two Shoes!! But I hate all my shoes!!

Hello every one,
I had my 7 Week post op this morning, two days shy.
Let me give you a quick recap of the last two weeks:
Week 5: VacoCast position 1: As usual, any change in the position has some discomfort in the beginning, I learned my lesson from the first position change,simply, I have to walk around the house with two crutches for 10 mins, then gradually increase the Weight bearing. Things were normal that week. No major achievements.

Week 6: Dropped the boot to a neutral position, lost the high sole, I’m becoming normal again. Same procedure to get acquainted with the new ROM, few hours I was FWB with a slight limp. It felt great. Thanks Donna for the videos about pushing against the Shin. Totally worked! I used the crutches this week when I get tired, walking in public places with a lot of people or taking the train. But generally I can walk FWB for about 15 mins with no problems. Was such a great feeling. The pain that week was mostly from my heel bottom and my calf, it was short pulses of pain like if you are working out. Of course there is also I’m getting tired pain.

Today: I met with my Ortho, he checked the repair area and Thank God he said it looks great!! He said do you want to be in two shoes. I said Hell yeah! Gave me the heel lift and I tried it from the first time since the injury more than 8 weeks!! I was very very scared.. It didn’t feel that bad, I did my procedure, walking with two crutches to get my self acquainted with the shoe, but this time it felt so different. One, I hated my shoes. I brought two shoes with me to try each one is horrible. I feel like my foot is one size bigger or something. It felt very strange, I was able to walk with one crutch after few steps then with no crutches after few mins, but I’m much slower, the limp is the same as I had with the boot. I decided to wear my boot back as I have to take public transportation and walk to work for 10 minutes. I took my shoes with me to work though :D I couldn’t wait to try again. Well, It has been few hours since I’m at work, I’m walking one two shoes. Most of the time in one crutch and every while and then I take few steps with no support. I did few normal steps, however I feel I need more training. Its scary now when you feel you have no protection, I feel my AT more. I feel pulses and stretches in the surgery area. I’m going to take it easy for the next few days, I will wear my boot outside all the time and when I’m going up and down the stairs. I have my first PT appointment next week. Pretty excited about that.

The Doctor told me I can do slow walks on the trade mill and stationary cycling in the gym.. Seemed pretty good. He said I can start trying to drive again and after tough negotiations he got convinced that I can ride my motorcycle after 4 weeks from today :)

Wanted to share this moment with you guys! I know now I’m going into another scarier stage. Re-rupture rates are higher now so I’m going to be careful. Is what I’m feeling about the two shoes normal ? How long you think it should take to be comfortable in them ? I don’t mean walking excellent, just as comfortable as I was in the Boot.

Best of Luck to all of us!!

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  1. Great progress! We’re at similar points, 7-8 weeks post op. I’ve been 2 shoes, switching between tennis sneakers and flip flops inside the house. The flip flops are far more comfortable, though prone to minor snags etc, which are scary.

    Ventured outside to run a couple errands today w/o the boot. Other than being very slow and careful, it was fine. The swelling in my foot around my ankle is pronounced, however. No real pain, just swelling.

    Keep it up, each day is tangible progress and it keeps getting better and easier. I believe the key will be staying humble and disciplined to prevent exposure to re-injury. Good luck!

  2. Hi Mousta! Thank you for this post, I’m moving into 2 shoes this week and I’ve been worried about, feeling I won’t be able to and not knowing what to expect. I got a broken femur when I was younger and unfortunately my good leg is about an inch shorter, so I”m thinking I will be using the evenup I use for the boot for a little while. I’m a little behind schedule due to infection but I’m looking forward the new challenge to walk on my on foot more than 2 months after my ATR. Thanks again and keep up the hard work! ;)

  3. can you send me the videos of pushing through shin? I have been FWB for 3 weeks and still have a slight limp in boot. Thanks!

  4. brombones,
    Thanks!! Today I feel a little better, I bought new running sneakers with some nice heel area, its making me feel better.
    I can take few steps without the crutch very slowly though. I don’t feel pain, I feel discomfort and that the tendon just wants to bend or twist or something like that.. This feeling is irritating me. However, its getting better today. I’m still following the same policy. Boot outside, Shoes inside the house and at work, mainly using one crutch. Lets hope it gets and feels better in the next day. Didn’t try showering without the boot.. That’s another milestone.

    Good Luck! I guess we are on the same boat, trust me I was so scared for the first moment in the shoes and it was way easier than I thought.. Be careful. I’m trying to be very cautious and still trying to experiment what I’m doing.

    eyceman ,
    I will try putting a video. There is a video that Donna shared in one of the post or mentioned the search words on you tube, I will try to find it.
    However, I’m not saying that I was walking limp free, I had a slight limp however the movement felt almost natural. Ie. I wasn’t just walking with one foot and dragging the other. The Key is to do a heel to toe movement. The Boot is designed so that you put your heel first and then the rocker sole will transfer that to your toes (at least the VacoCast did that)
    Good Luck for you!!

  5. I can feel your excitement in your post, I am so very happy for you! YAY you!

  6. Wow! That is awesome! I put 2 sneakers on yesterday at PT to ride stationary bike. Felt like I had no heel at all such a weird sensation. Had doc appointment after that. Asked if I could walk around my house in 2 shoes to keep practicing she said no way til week 12. How the heck am I going to get going here? It took me 10 minutes to get the guts up to put weight on it in PT. Once a week does not seem long enough to practice this… I am at 6 weeks 4 days non surgical rupture. Glad to read that heel pain seems normal. My last lift removed yesterday thought maybe that was it.

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