Few Questions regarding incision, compression socks and weight bearing

Hello Everyone,

I have few questions that I would like to get your input at.

1- I actually still have medical tape on my incision and I feel that is causing some irritation on it (Scratchy feeling) It has been 10 days with the same tape. Should I take it off? or wait for my next visit in 10 days to ask my ortho ?

2- I bought compression socks, I bought one size up (Large) although I normally wear medium. Its too tight to pull it through my feet without feeling I will put pressure on my ankle or hurt. I’m nervous of trying. Did any one have this problem before? Can you hurt your self putting a sock one ? I’m 19 days Post OP PWB in VacoCast

3- I tried seeing how much weight I put on my injured foot using a scale. I’m not sure If this is a good way or not, It looked like I’m putting 25 LBs or so. I feel I can do more without feeling pain. Should I try to increase the weight bearing ? Or be more careful during these first weeks ? My orhto recommendation is quite vague, PWB as torelated is quite vague in my opinion.

Sorry for the long post or repeated questions!!
Have a good week every one!!

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  1. 1 - see your GP or even a practise nurse. Many people have allergies to medical tape and another 10 days could cause problems. If you have an allergy you should be able to see the redness beside the tape. Your incision may have healed enough anyway for it to come off.

    2. Keep you foot pointed down, gather the sock onto your foot then pull it over your heel. With your foot down you are not putting pressure on the tendon.

    3. As long as the boot is properly fitted your foot cannot move and your tendon is safe. WB as tolerated means just that. If it hurts too much then stop. If it hurts a little and you can tolerate it then that is OK. It will probably hurt a little but we have to tolerate pain at our own levels. Then as you walk more you will have to take a break to rest and elevate the leg. Everything is incremental. When it hurts back off and when it doesn’t then you are fine. What you are doing with the scales is a good indication but it does not represent a normal walking step and the weight distribution as you transition through your gait. It will come to you. You will be surprised how quick you can take weight off the leg with your arms pushing down on your crutches. The idea is to get you walking again so use your crutches to take the weight off the injured leg as you move through a normal gait then gradually increase the weight on the injured leg according to your pain.

  2. I concur with everything Stuart said. If you type kaitmeister into the search box on the main page she has two blog posts about steri-strips from Feb. you might find helpful.

    Putting the socks on is a pain in the butt but it can be done as Stuart described.

    Don’t be sorry for the questions we are all here to support each other! Big smile for you.

  3. A really good tip my PT gave me on the compression sock is to turn it inside out, then fold in the sock where the toes should start and put it on by slowly pulling the sock on inside out… it works great!! I was afraid as well when I first started but this is so much easier than trying to bunch it up.

  4. Thanks Everyone for the information. As always, very useful.
    I started to understand the weigh bearing concept and how to walk, increase weight and use pain as indicator. Quite helpful.

    Since yesterday, I started to spend more time on the crutches at work or in the house, I only use the Knee scooter for long distances ( > 10 min walking). I feel comfortable now and I like it..
    The only weird thing now, is that my other leg (Calf/Achillies tendon and heel) feel sore after activities. I think that could be normal right ?

    I also tried the suggested methods for the compressions socks and it worked awesome!!.. Thanks!!!

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