My surgeon operative and post-operative protocol

Happy Weekend everyone!.

I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to share my surgeon operative protocol. I know most of us here have already read a lot, but I think it might be useful.

Here it is: Joseph Kou ATR

4 Responses to “My surgeon operative and post-operative protocol”

  1. Thanks Mousta :)

  2. Thank you for sharing. It was a great overview and helps to better understand the guidelines.

  3. I find it very interesting how Dr.s can be ultra conservative to very aggressive in there protocol for recovery.

  4. From the protocol posted’s summary:

    “Based on the evidence available, the
    AAOS recommendations on the man-
    agement of Achilles tendon rupture
    range from Inconclusive to Moderate.
    Further studies are needed for stronger

    I noticed the date was 2010, which though recent is still 5 years old…there has been more research but not consensus and implementation…from much of it non-op is actually as good and safer in terms of infection, scar issues, etc.

    This doctor acknowledges that he has to use his own opinion for many things and that is what all the docs do, however, some base their protocol on old research which is why some have old dinosaur protocols. This one looks good to me in terms of what I’ve seen for most effective protocols.

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