13 Days Post-OP fear of Re-rupture

Alright.. So Lets start.

This is my first post on Achilles Blog. So a little introduction about myself.  I’m a 29 years old, Software engineer. I’m not lazy but not super active too. That’s how it all started, I decided to be fit again, my favorite sports is Squash. I used to play professionally about 12 years ago. About 6 weeks, I returned to playing. Apparently, I was way too out of shape. Friday, February 20th,  I was playing when I heard the "Snap" and as if I hit the glass wall in my ankle. The rest is known to everybody. Went to the ER, got a splint, Saw an orthopedic later in the week and had my Surgery on March 4th. I left the hospital the same day with the huge cast over my leg and some pain that is tolerated by pain meds.

First few days after the surgery weren’t that bad. I stopped taking Pain Meds. by the fourth day. I still take the 325 mg Aspirin, I’m paranoid, my grand father died of a PE, so I’m not sure If I’m over reacting, but I really don’t want to get a clot.

I used a Knee scooter/Crutches for the first week. I had my first post-op appointment on Thursday March 12th. They removed the sutures. My surgeon checked on it and he put in the VacoCast. I was told not to take it off, keep it on 24/7. He said I can weight bear on it as tolerable. I left the clinic with the boot at position 3 and using the crutches. I wasn’t expecting it to be that difficult to walk in the boot, but it is.

The Boot hurts the top of my foot. I keep the straps tight to feel comfortable while I’m walking. When I’m sleeping, I release the straps a little bit to ease it on. On that day, I was excited to be on the boot, so I decided to go upstairs to sleep in my bed finally. While I was climbing up with the crutches, I lost balance, I landed on my foot in the boot, but not very rough. I was so scared that I have ruptured it, kept reading on Achilles blog about similar stories. I didn’t feel pain, but re-rupture stories are scary.  I called my surgeon and he asked me to come so that he can check it out on Monday.

I went yesterday, Thank God, he said its Ok and gave me more advice about trying to be more careful, also he mentioned that your foot is pretty protected in the boot and that its unlikely that people re-rupture their ATs while they are in the boot. Is that true guys from your experience.

Also, I work in San Francisco, I started going to work this week. I tried using the crutches on Monday, but it was too tiring, so I decided to take the Knee scooter as the physician assistant recommended. However, Today, I was crossing a street on the Knee scooter and suddenly, it capsized!!! I didn’t fall on the ground, I don’t think I landed hard on my foot and I don’t feel pain.. But I’m back to being worried again.

I’m going to see my Surgeon again on April 2nd for my 4 weeks Post Op. I’m very nervous to stay without checks for such a long time especially when I’m active and keep going to work every day. Do you guys feel that its risky to be commuting to work and be in the level of activity I’m doing that early in the process.

I will post more updates! Looking forward to your thoughts/replies.

Happy and Fast recovery everyone!

1 Week Post op 1 Week Post op

13 Responses to “13 Days Post-OP fear of Re-rupture”

  1. I am only about a week ahead of you. I am still in cast and wishing I was in boot. I am seeing a new surgeon on Thursday as my injury happened out of state and I am now home. I am still non weight bearing and using the knee scooter. A co worker suggested that I crawl up the stairs and come down on my rear when I am home. It certainly takes the risk out of falling, especially early on. Also, I am working from home, so that has been helpful.

  2. Today was 2 week post op..been in cam for a week without weight bearing…sutures came out today…walked out of Drs. in cam without crutches..felt great..hands free!
    start physical therapy tomorrow. .I’m not Kobe but on track for a strong, speedy recovery and will hold my self back not to do too much too soon. I will still use crutches when cam is off or if I’m in pain or tired. I don’t sleep with cam. I work close to hm and sit at a desk most of the day which helps. Instead of the knee scooter I hear the IWalk2 is a really good hands free way too get around…good luck with your recovery and be safe.


  3. Another idea with crutches….you may need to adjust height..I adjust to a size smaller to have more control..especially on steps.

  4. LindaF,
    Hope your new surgeon will put you in a boot. Its much better than the cast.
    Yeah, I did the crawl up protocol when I was on the cast, but the boot gives you a false sense of power, that you can step on your injured foot. So I tried using the crutches to go up stairs.
    Working from home is a good bonus, I try to do it as much as I can, It feels better to be at work for me so that I can attend meetings and so.. Good Luck and keep me posted on your progress, we are almost at the same stage.
    Also, be careful on that Knee Scooter outside the house :)

  5. andypez,
    Whoo. So you are at 2 weeks post-op and you are not using Crutches and just using the Cam to walk!! Very impressive!
    Does it hurt to walk FWB that early ?
    I’m afraid to try that with the VacoCast!
    Good luck with your recovery, we are only 1 day apart. Keep me updated with your progress.
    Wish us both speedy and safe recovery!!!

  6. Hi all, Good luck for your recovery, I ruptured my AT 10 days ago and booked for op tomorrow. Im very thankful to see this site. It mentally helps a lot :)
    After reading some blogs i challenge myself to attack this injury in positive way at shortest posible time. Thanks Heaps!

  7. Congrats. Sounds like you are doing great.

  8. Mosta, I am not walking alot, only been 1 day but when I do , no pain. Slow and steady and for a short period of time. I use crutches more around the house when cam is off. I’m psyched to start physical therapy today. Drs orders to therapist is to take it easy for now. Before surgery was most stressful doing research on what Dr. to use for our type of surgery and I can’t be happier. I had recently did much research on PT and I definitely recommend if possible for people to use same PT every time….in 1 month I lose the cam. I’ve been icing foot at least 1,2 times a day, I get deep tissue massage, and lightly flex foot up and down. I do really believe blood circulation is key without overdoing it…keep in mind, everyone is different, Drs, patients, backrounds (medical issues, physical condition, etc) what I post, has worked for me, so far but may not work for other people. ..hope you have a speedy recovery

  9. Mousta you asked if you can re rupture while wearing the boot. Yes you can. I only know of two cases, I believe it is rare, but it does happen. I also know of one case of re rupture in a cast.

    If you are asking if you should be moving around so much so early I’d say you already know the answer to that worry.

    Glad your here getting support! Best of luck to you!

    I seconds what Linda said about going up and down stairs on your bottom…much safer than using crutches on stairs, however, if you do want to learn how watch YouTubes on proper use of crutches on stairs.

    I’ve heard many people take falls on the scooters…just like with crutches…this injury calls for caution and super body awareness…but not fear…don’t be afraid to move as you need to…learn to be aware of your body with caution.

  10. glenskieus,
    Good Luck to you! Let us know how is your recovery.

    Thanks Andy, I’m Keeping in that mind. Hope it all works out great for you!!

    Donna, Thanks for the reply. I’m trying to be cautious, but if I decided to go to work, I have to walk around 800 feet, crossing streets and on not very nice sidewalks So for me to expect not having any accidents/falls seems unrealistic. So my question really is what sort of accidents/falls that I should be worried of and I need to contact the doctor for ?

  11. You said: “So my question really is what sort of accidents/falls that I should be worried of and I need to contact the doctor for ?”

    Any that really hurt and the pain does not go away. That’s all I can say, maybe someone else can add to that in terms of what a re rupture may feel like.

    If you type “rerupture” in the search box on THE MAIN PAIGE top right you’ll get links to lots of rerupture stories and they may be helpful in letting you know what to look for.

  12. Thanks Mousta,

    Hi Achilles Friends, Whew! Just gone out of hospital.. So far i just feel minor pain. I hope it will stay like this! That sleeping Drug really hit me! I feel Dizzy and vomit when i try to sit when i woke up..:(

    Thanks very much for the creator of this page and to all Achilles Family :)

  13. I can’t wait to have my splint off today . it is too heavy. kept begging doctor to move my first post-op date. so they did move it from 23 to 19th. i hope they can replace this heavy splint with something much lighter or put me in a boot.

    i was wondering how soon can i start my pt . will losing some serious weight help to speed up the recovery.

    i miss walking .and running with my dogs up and down the hills. man . I am not even good at playing tennis. and i busted my Achilles . so not worth it. hahahha

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