mountainmarco’s AchillesBlog

mountainmarco’s AchillesBlog

About Me: Achilles Tendon Rerupture: Conservative to Surgery (FHL)

My name is Marco and I live in Denver. I am 5’5 and 135lbs and 33 years old. I was at 24 hour fitness to play some full court basketball. After wrestling for a majority of high school athletics, I got burnt out and picked up basketball in college. I would regularly play with the folks from our college basketball teams during my summers at our school rec center (D2 school).

I played basketball religiously from 18 until 26. I sustained a serious thumb injury at 26 when someone tried to save the ball and shoved the ball into my thumb. At that time, I started distance running (I used to hate it in high school). I like 5 miles, 4 times a week. Since moving to Colorado in 2007, I ski, hike, and rock climb extensively. It is why I moved here, basketball took a backseat to those activities, weightlifting, and running. I still played, but it was few and far between.

In addition, I was becoming a barefoot running enthusiast. I started to run barefoot in April 2010. I had no problem with shoes, more experimenting at first. Pretty much started off with my usual 5 miles. At first it was hard on my calves, they would be very sore and I would have to take a break from running for 3-5 days. Over the course of 6 months, I got better at doing it. Summer time straight barefoot at Wash Park, and winter time with Five Fingers (ground gets hard). I knew this was taxing my Achilles and would regularly self massage with ice.

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