The injury

Contrary to most of the injuries I have read about on this site, my achilles did not rupture, tear or strain.  It was severed!  I wish my injury story was more dynamic- maybe and injury from trying some high flying trick on a motorcycle, or from some unbelievable crash while going for the win at the track, but noooooo, Motogirl got hurt with a good old fashion case of  freak accident!

Bear with my story: I was at a motorcycle race with my family for the weekend in Florida, about four hours from my home.   The motorcycle races was actually a “hare scramble” put on by the Florida Trail Riders (FTR)organization.  A hare scramble is basically a cross country race on dirtbikes, and people from ages 4 to 60 participate. As you can imagine, they are held in remote locations, so we are in a field with a few hundred other “campers”, some in RV’s, toyhaulers and tents.  In order to light up our area and trailer, we have a generator, and some removeable flourescent lights for the outside of it.  It was around 9PM and my son was winding down for the night and needed to lie down, so I proceeded to close up the doors on the trailer so he could go in and go to sleep.  As I closed the back “ramp” door, I heard a crash, and immediately thought “Oh crap, the light!” In an instant, I tucked and covered my head, and I felt something hit the back of my right leg.  My husband and friend yelled “are you okay?”  My right leg was numb from the knee down because obviously something large and heavy had just hit me, or so I thought. As I looked down, my response was easy- “No, I’m not, please go get the medics!” 

What I saw was a DEEP gash on the back of my right leg, a few inches above my ankle. I calmly looked around me on the ground looking for the huge object that had obviously fallen on my leg, it felt like someone had hit me with a bat, but I saw nothing but shattered glass from the 4′ flourescent light bulbs.  I took another look at the gash in the back of my leg and in hindsight, could see the cut tendon.  The culprit had been a 3′ section of a flourescent light bulb, “stabbing” into my leg like a spear.

I hobbled about 8 feet to a nearby chair, where I stood with my friend while my husband ran over to the area where the “medics” were camped to get some help.  It only took about 2 minutes for them to get to me.  By that time, I was beginning to get light headed, so they had me lie down on my stomach.  They cleaned my cut and asked me to move my foot and because I felt no pain, and could move my foot in al directions, they instructed me to go to the local ER for some stitches.  I was cool with that, thinking wow-stitches,bet that’s gonna hurt, but I put on a brave face and let my friend take me to the ER (she was familiar with the area) and my husband stayed behind with my son so he could get some sleep.

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