Diagnosis huh???

Saturday night at the ER- I was expecting the worst, but was greeted warmly and taken in almost immediately.  I quickly found that my injury story evoked some pretty funny faces and responses.  The ER Dr. asked me to perform foot movements, just like the medics had earlier.  She then gave me a local anesthetic in order to stitch me up.  As she got to work, I chatted with my friend, still thinking that I was only getting stitched because of a cut.  A few minutes later, another ER lady came to my bedside and started asking me lots of questions, where I’m from, my general health, allergies etc.  After what seemed like a lot of stitching, the Dr finally stopped.  I’m thinking- good, we’ll get out of here in time to get a snack at the drive thru, then she started stitching again.  Being the inquisitive andtalkative person that I am, I said “WOW that must be taking a lot of stitches or are you doing them really small (thinking “less scar”).  No she said, the first ones were on the inside, now I’m doing the outside.  My response-”oh I guess it was pretty deep”  Her response, “yeah, but I had to sew your tendon”

WHAT?  MY TENDON? WHAT?  No one had mentioned that my tendon was damaged. Quite the contrary, I had been moving my foot whenever they had asked, and nobody said anything about my tendon.

I guess the DR sensed my tension, because she quit talking and the “other” lady showed up.  She commenced to telling be that my tendon had been severed and that she was giving me pain meds and that I would need to take them because this was going to really hurt in a little while, and -oh by the way- you will probably want to see an orthopedic surgeon about this injury.  WHAT? SURGEON, as in surgery?  I thought you just sewed it?  I could tell by everyone’s demeanor that this was serious.   I fought them on the pain meds- they’ve made me sick in the past, but they insisted, so down with the pain meds, got a splint with an “ace” bandage wrap and was sent on my way with scripts for more pain meds and antibiotics and directions to a 24HR wallgreens for crutches and meds.  As we got to the Walgreens, the pain meds had to go, so on top of the leg injury, I was now about to throw  up.  We pulled to the drive thru, it’s now almost midnight, not another soul in sight, and was told we had a 20minute wait, and was also rudely told we could not “park” in the drive thru.  As I am getting closer and closer to “losing the pain meds” the lady at the drive thru is asking me a million questions-most of which she has the answers to from my driver’s license and insurance info.  I am still fighting the urge to throw up as she rudely and impatiently asks me questions, so I opened my door and left her a little something to remember me by- right in her drive thru- take that!  After the Walgreens fiasco, I returned to the race site to find my husband and little boy sound asleep, so I joined them.  I spent most of the next day lying down with my foot up on pillows.  I did venture out to see my husband’s race, I was able to ride our 4 wheeler “side saddle”, so my mobility was not too compromised.  I did not take any pain medicine, and truthfully, I was not in pain.

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