The little voice within

Hey ya’ll,
I am just posting a little word of advice.  Listen to that little voice inside.  I am 8 weeks post op, and in two shoes and boot sometimes.  I started PT last week, under the guidelines of stretching only, no strengthing.  Well, first two PT sessions went smoothly, got a list of exercises and [...]

A reason to shop for shoes!

the background- March 27th- complete sever (not rupture) of the right achilles near the top, where it attaches to the calf  muscle due to being “stabbed” by a florescent light bulb.  Surgery was on April 7th, achilles was repaired and stitches “weaved” into  my calf muscle to hold it all in place for healing.  2 weeks in hard [...]

You walk funny!

that’s what my 6 year old said to me as I took my first steps with my boot without crutches.  This is a huge milestone for me.  I have figured out this is truly a mental battle for me, more so than a physical one.  I had to really psych myself up to put down [...]


Hi-  I am now 3 1/2 weeks post op and in a boot.  I had a completely severed (cut by and object, not ruptured) AT (right leg).   On the top of my foot from the middle to the right side is numb.  My foot is “puffy” in this area, even when there is no real [...]

scared of the boot

I am 2 1/2 weeks post op. and was given a boot instead of another cast. I am still NWB, but the boot was given intrust so I could at least remove it for showering. I removed it for the firsst time last night and was horrified at the sight of my leg [...]

Visit to the Surgeon

At first light Monday morning, Iwas up and ready to go to the Ortho to discuss my injury.  I thought for sure this was just a precaution as the ER Dr. had put 10 stitches in my achilles.  Well, I arrived unannounced at the Ortho’s office bright and early.  He happens to be someone we’ve [...]