The little voice within

Hey ya’ll,

I am just posting a little word of advice.  Listen to that little voice inside.  I am 8 weeks post op, and in two shoes and boot sometimes.  I started PT last week, under the guidelines of stretching only, no strengthing.  Well, first two PT sessions went smoothly, got a list of exercises and the PT stretched my foot/ankle at the end of the session.  Well, PT #3, the  therapist had me flex my foot and she pushed on it to further stretch it.  Then she had me push against her hand, then release while she flexed my foot back further.  I had to repeat this several times, and I was pushing pretty hard, and could feel the pull in both my tendon and muscle.  Something just did not seem right.  After that day’s PT, my leg has hurt worse than it ever has.  I took a few days and thought it was all part of PT and was just sore, but my pain was not soreness, it was pain.  I told the PT when I went back on thursday and they said they would “take it easy” on me.  Well, it continued to bother me and my Doctor had described for me in detail that I had a tendon to tendon repair and a tendon to muscle repair, and that muscle repair was fragile. The worst thing for it was pressure on the foot (like pressing a gas pedal).  This was the exact exercise she had me doing!  Well I finally called my Dr today and described it to him. His response- take a week off of therapy- they did too much too fast and strained your tendon/calf.

I am a little irritated with the fact that I now have a minor setback due to the PT girl overworking my tendon.  I also forgot to mention that the PT that did it is an intern from the local college.  I realize  they have to learn somewhere, but I did not sign up to be a guinea pig!  Sorry for the rant, but my final note is to listen to your inner voice. Mine told me that something was not right and I have it confirmed.  I hope the pain subsides soon and that there really is no damage done.

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  1. Hi MotoGirl,

    Sorry to hear of your setback. My first PT appt went well. He worked my involved foot pretty good. Was a bit sore the next few days but that subsided. Had more flexibiity after my first appt. Was all good from there. Just takes time.

    Good Luck to you.

    San Diego

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