A reason to shop for shoes!

the background- March 27th- complete sever (not rupture) of the right achilles near the top, where it attaches to the calf  muscle due to being “stabbed” by a florescent light bulb.  Surgery was on April 7th, achilles was repaired and stitches “weaved” into  my calf muscle to hold it all in place for healing.  2 weeks in hard cast NWB, got the boot at 2 weeks, still NWB for 2 more weeks, then PWB to FWB in the boot until yesterday!

Seven week post op update- I have two shoes on my feet!  My left one is looking rather worn, while my right one has been on a 8 week vacation.  Oh well- guess I need a new pair (like I needed an excuse to shop for shoes)!  Went to my second post op visit exactly 7 weeks since surgery.   I strided in with my boot on and strided right back out with it on!  I forgot to bring another shoe!  The surgeon looked at my incision, which has healed nicely especially considering part of it was stitched up twice.  I have been sooo careful with my injury, barley taking the boot off even to rest my foot, and definately not pushing my luck with trying to do anything without the boot.  My foot/ankle is very stiff, and I have no muscle in my calf.  I could barely push against his hand with any pressure.  I was told that I could walk with two shoes, but to keep the boot handy if I was going to be in any unfamiliar areas or anywhere that I could possibly stumble and put lots of sudden force on my bad leg (which for me could be anywhere).  I’m managing to shuffle around pretty good, but I do not hesitate to put the boot on, especially if I’m in a hurry to get somewhere . I have to start physical therapy now, 2-3 times per week for 4 weeks, then return to the Dr. on June 23rd.  At that time, my recovery should be complete enough to be released on my own.  My July 4th (14 weeks) recovery goal is clearly becoming a reality.

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  1. I’m sorry. I have to ask. How did you get stabbed by a fluorescent light bulb?!

    Good luck.

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