scared of the boot

I am 2 1/2 weeks post op. and was given a boot instead of another cast. I am still NWB, but the boot was given intrust so I could at least remove it for showering. I removed it for the firsst time last night and was horrified at the sight of my leg all withered up! I had a severed achilles-near the calf muscle and the doctor told me that the sutures from tendon to muscle were still fragile, so I am afraid to move my foot/ankle at all! I’m not really afraid of the pain, but of re-injuring myself. Anyone else? I almost wish I would have gotten the cast for another 2 weeks,I felt more secure with it. Anyone else?

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  1. Hi Motogirl,

    I think that the boot should provide you with just as good support as the cast. I think there’s a few people on this blog who have recieved the boot immediately after surgery. However, it’s vital to be careful whilst bathing/showering or when the boot is not on.
    It’s possible to re-rupture if you don’t have the boot and you slip and place a relatively large and immediate force on bad leg. I would definitely be cautious and make sure you have the boot on most times, especially so early after surgery.

  2. Motogirl: I am one of the people that was never put into a hard cast after surgeries #2 and #3. I was told to pull my foot out at least 2 times a day and just slightly rotate the ankle. This was to start the 2nd day post-op. However I was not allowed to get the incisions wet until around 3 weeks post-op.

    Doing the immediate slight movement thing was painful but it paid off big for my rehab. My 2nd and 3rd surgeries were to make my Achilles longer (among other things) so immediate work on range of motion was important. By 3 or 4 weeks post-op I had FULL range of motion including the additional dorsiflexion I needed to obtain from the surgery. I wasn’t weight bearing yet, but I had full range of motion. In the early days and weeks post-op, whenever I took my leg out of the boot, I never got up from the bed or couch while the boot was off. This is just what happened with me.
    Happy healing!

  3. smish - Just curious, are you still NWB, PWB, or FWB? Or are you 2-shoes? I am trying to get the most recent info on the Achilles Profile. Thanks! Let me know. (And the dates for those stages too.. if you can.) :)

  4. Dennis,

    I am now 12 weeks post-op on left foot surgery. I think I was told to start PWB at 4 weeks. I was in 2 shoes and FWB at about 6 weeks post -op (March 10) although I could not walk much and was only up maybe an hour a day before I had to get to the couch. I have been told to wait until mid-May to try any jogging.
    The last week or so I have felt better than I thought would be possible again. I am in no hurry this time to start running or training. I am thinking about doing a spinning class this Fall but as for any other training I think I am going to hold off a bit. As I start to move more for the ENTIRE day, I find that if I change shoes every 3-4 hours my Achilles does better. Don’t know why this helps but I alternate between 4 different pairs of shoes. If I stay in the same shoes all day I tend to hurt more at night. Weird huh? Let me know if you need more info.

  5. Motogirl,
    I went from cast to boot at pretty well the exact time frame as you. Taking those initial showers with the foot being so vulnerable is definitely sketchy, but in my opinion, the benefits of the boot far outweigh the cast. I would recommend getting a shower chair or stool. Being able to sit down while showering significantly alleviates the concern of re-injury. You only need to stand to adjust the shower head or clean those ‘hard-to-reach’ places at which time you can use the chair for support. Believe me, the boot is your friend. Soon you’ll have walking in it mastered as well. Take care.

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