The little voice within

Hey ya’ll,

I am just posting a little word of advice.  Listen to that little voice inside.  I am 8 weeks post op, and in two shoes and boot sometimes.  I started PT last week, under the guidelines of stretching only, no strengthing.  Well, first two PT sessions went smoothly, got a list of exercises and the PT stretched my foot/ankle at the end of the session.  Well, PT #3, the  therapist had me flex my foot and she pushed on it to further stretch it.  Then she had me push against her hand, then release while she flexed my foot back further.  I had to repeat this several times, and I was pushing pretty hard, and could feel the pull in both my tendon and muscle.  Something just did not seem right.  After that day’s PT, my leg has hurt worse than it ever has.  I took a few days and thought it was all part of PT and was just sore, but my pain was not soreness, it was pain.  I told the PT when I went back on thursday and they said they would “take it easy” on me.  Well, it continued to bother me and my Doctor had described for me in detail that I had a tendon to tendon repair and a tendon to muscle repair, and that muscle repair was fragile. The worst thing for it was pressure on the foot (like pressing a gas pedal).  This was the exact exercise she had me doing!  Well I finally called my Dr today and described it to him. His response- take a week off of therapy- they did too much too fast and strained your tendon/calf.

I am a little irritated with the fact that I now have a minor setback due to the PT girl overworking my tendon.  I also forgot to mention that the PT that did it is an intern from the local college.  I realize  they have to learn somewhere, but I did not sign up to be a guinea pig!  Sorry for the rant, but my final note is to listen to your inner voice. Mine told me that something was not right and I have it confirmed.  I hope the pain subsides soon and that there really is no damage done.

A reason to shop for shoes!

the background- March 27th- complete sever (not rupture) of the right achilles near the top, where it attaches to the calf  muscle due to being “stabbed” by a florescent light bulb.  Surgery was on April 7th, achilles was repaired and stitches “weaved” into  my calf muscle to hold it all in place for healing.  2 weeks in hard cast NWB, got the boot at 2 weeks, still NWB for 2 more weeks, then PWB to FWB in the boot until yesterday!

Seven week post op update- I have two shoes on my feet!  My left one is looking rather worn, while my right one has been on a 8 week vacation.  Oh well- guess I need a new pair (like I needed an excuse to shop for shoes)!  Went to my second post op visit exactly 7 weeks since surgery.   I strided in with my boot on and strided right back out with it on!  I forgot to bring another shoe!  The surgeon looked at my incision, which has healed nicely especially considering part of it was stitched up twice.  I have been sooo careful with my injury, barley taking the boot off even to rest my foot, and definately not pushing my luck with trying to do anything without the boot.  My foot/ankle is very stiff, and I have no muscle in my calf.  I could barely push against his hand with any pressure.  I was told that I could walk with two shoes, but to keep the boot handy if I was going to be in any unfamiliar areas or anywhere that I could possibly stumble and put lots of sudden force on my bad leg (which for me could be anywhere).  I’m managing to shuffle around pretty good, but I do not hesitate to put the boot on, especially if I’m in a hurry to get somewhere . I have to start physical therapy now, 2-3 times per week for 4 weeks, then return to the Dr. on June 23rd.  At that time, my recovery should be complete enough to be released on my own.  My July 4th (14 weeks) recovery goal is clearly becoming a reality.

You walk funny!

that’s what my 6 year old said to me as I took my first steps with my boot without crutches.  This is a huge milestone for me.  I have figured out this is truly a mental battle for me, more so than a physical one.  I had to really psych myself up to put down the crutches and just walk.  It really doesn’t hurt (at least not my achilles area), but my knee and ankle are having to get used to the weight after a 6 week vacation.  I’m excited to be without the crutches, but realize that I still have a long way to go.  May 26 is next Dr visit, and he said I may start some walking in two shoes. Seems very scary right now.   thanks to everyone for all the posts and comments, I have learned so much from reading everyone’s stories!  happy healing!


Hi-  I am now 3 1/2 weeks post op and in a boot.  I had a completely severed (cut by and object, not ruptured) AT (right leg).   On the top of my foot from the middle to the right side is numb.  My foot is “puffy” in this area, even when there is no real swelling in other areas. Also the right side of my ankle is numb.     The PA at my Dr’s office said it was probably from nerve “damage” during surgery (moving stuff around), but I’m still concerned.  Is anyone else experiencing “prolonged” numbness?

scared of the boot

I am 2 1/2 weeks post op. and was given a boot instead of another cast. I am still NWB, but the boot was given intrust so I could at least remove it for showering. I removed it for the firsst time last night and was horrified at the sight of my leg all withered up! I had a severed achilles-near the calf muscle and the doctor told me that the sutures from tendon to muscle were still fragile, so I am afraid to move my foot/ankle at all! I’m not really afraid of the pain, but of re-injuring myself. Anyone else? I almost wish I would have gotten the cast for another 2 weeks,I felt more secure with it. Anyone else?

Visit to the Surgeon

At first light Monday morning, Iwas up and ready to go to the Ortho to discuss my injury.  I thought for sure this was just a precaution as the ER Dr. had put 10 stitches in my achilles.  Well, I arrived unannounced at the Ortho’s office bright and early.  He happens to be someone we’ve known for a while, so they worked me in.  As I gave the details of my injury and the information from the ER visit, he looked at me with an amused look on his face.  1) the whole light bulb stabbing me is crazy in itself 2) he could not believe an ER doctor just sewed my achilles with out calling for a surgeon 3) he seriously doubted the diagnosis that my tendon was completely severed-surely it was only a partial.

Well off with the splint and onto the table for the Thompson test.  Foot just sat there like a dead fish.  He gave a concerned look and said he would put a cast on it and send me for a MRI to see the extent of the damage. I then received my first cast.   I chose black - (you always have to be stylish) and black goes with almost everything-plus it doesn’t draw a lot of attention and it doesn’t show dirt! The whole casting experience was entertaining until the very end when he raised my foot to the 90degree angle.  I almost came off the table!  That was the most pain I had up to date.  Luckily I got scheduled for the MRI that same day and two days later-the results- totally severed achilles tendon.  Surgery recommemded.  He did give me the option of going with the ER Dr’s repair and having a long and possible incomplete recovery, but once he explained the tissue properties, the nature and location of my injury (high near my calf muscle) and the lack of confidence in the materials and techniques available to the ER Dr., surgery was not an option, but a necessity.

It was scheduled for the following Tuesday.  I had two questions.  1) would he use the same cut I already had for the incision and 2) would he re-cast my leg while I was still “asleep”- because I thought if he bent my foot up to 90 degrees again(like when he put the hard cast on)-I was going to hurt somebody!  Answers 1) yes and then some 2) yes- you’ll wake up with a new cast.  He said- we’ll get you back good as new- you’ll be walking like normal by July 4th.  Six months from now you won’t even know this happened-except for the scar.


JULY 4th- SIX MONTHS? I left the office that day with a different feeling.  This injury was real, and it wasn’t going away quickly. I was to have surgery, be put to sleep, go under the knife- it was quite and overwhelming thought.  It’s almost summertime, boat and beach season, we’ve got to speed this up.  I managed to keep my upbeat attitude, joking about it with friends and attacking everything I wanted to do and then some just to prove that I was strong and okay and I could beat this injury, until the night before surgery.  I finally broke down, had a pity party and prepared for the big day.