Why can’t the NHS communicate!

January 8th, 2010

It’s been three months and I am still not walking, I can’t begin to explain how frustrating it is to try and get someone in the NHS that has enough information to help me with anything.I know the admin staff are doing their best but it seems any one with the slight bit of status is to busy to take a few minutes to help reduce someones confusion.

I’ve been trying to move my treatment from London to my home town, as I’m a student and being at University is with this injury is near impossible and all I get is people who do not know how to help me and are to busy or uninterested to help.

I’ve made the decision to not have a second ultrasound before I start physiotherapy as I have plans to move to the US in less then a month and no one can give me any answers. I will of course get a scan when i return to the UK, but for the moment I’ll just concentrate on walking!

How it happened…

November 27th, 2009  Tagged , ,

I just realized I haven’t shared how I got injured….

Oct 3rd

After 6 weeks of pre-season Netball training: 2 sessions a day - conditioning, base fitness(cardio) and weights, on a Saturday morning it was my 8th day of training with no rest days. But it was the first game of the season :) and I started for my national club (though it was a regional game) and i was buzzing.  You should note three days earlier during a cardio session and therefore running 10x 100 meter sprints, 6x 200 meter sprints and 4x 400 meter sprints my entire lower body went into cramps and I spent the day stretching it out in preparation for the next days set of training(which I made).

So were 20 minutes into the game( 2nd quarter) and im tracking an opponent back casually as the balls on the other side of the court and I collapse, im a bit confused and look round to see if anyone was near enough to kick me and then go to stand,(which i think made it worse) which is when the pain kicked in - and i mean PAIN!!!! however after being carried off court(being me) I stayed to watch my team win :) and then headed to A and E, where the very observant and attentive nurse though it appropriate to attempt to drag my sock off (are u crazy!!!!!!)…all I’ll say is…. it made me very very upset.

Anyway back to the present…

I’m defo going backwards with the recovery right now :( im back on crutches and it hurts alot to get my foot into the boot with no wedges, I’m determined not to put a wedge back in so I just take my time an ease it foot in slowly, this is frustrating especially with all the assignments and exams I have coming up…

On the plus side my nephew thinks the boot makes me look like a super hero and that makes me his ‘coolest aunty’ (at the moment) which is always nice to hear!

Baby steps

November 25th, 2009

It’s been seven weeks and four days since I partially ruptured my left Achilles tendon, and it feels like a it’s been seven years.  I was put into an Air Cast 2 weeks ago and rapidly began to push my boundaries…in particular I thought I appropriate to take a quick trip to NYC and attempt to cross Brooklyn Bridge on foot….It was not my greatest hour, I mean not the greatest 2.5 hours of my life but the views were iconic and I couldn’t have asked for better company.

I’m safely back in the UK and struggling to walk back and forth to University, which is about 15mins from my home so I’m wondering if I’ve done more damage and I’m really hoping its not the case and I just need rest.

Good evening NYC and Good night London

November 6th, 2009

Hello AchillesBlog.com

I’m a British Uni student who(as you will see from my newly updated time line) partially ruptured my left Achilles Tendon at the beginning of October playing Netball.   My injury has really opened my eyes to the importance of recovering your fatigued muscles properly after exercise, especially in high impact sports.

Its been five weeks now and I’m out of a cast and into an air cast, but I’ll start my blog from the beginning (tomorrow- it’s time to get some sleep now)

Good evening NYC and Good night London


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