Week 9 Day 1 - 2 ShOES YEAH!

I can take the boot off! These are my first attempts at walking for posterity

…and I can sleep without the boot. Over the moon!


4 days later, what’s up with my right arm! :D

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  1. That’s so awesome! I’m so happy for you! I did two shoes, but only at therapy for about 10 minutes! Right after I talked to my doctor about my swelling and ended up in the ER. I found out I have a blood clot in my leg (BIG HUGE FRUSTRATED SIGH) and now I have to have a follow up ultrasound and take full aspirin everyday. It’s quite a journey this recovery! Glad to see yours is going so well!

  2. Looking great!

  3. i think we are at similar stages in our recovery. i had the boot removed last Thursday and have been in two shoes since. have been pretty active but then i have a two year old so i am not allowed to sit still too long. i asked my husband if my walk looked as good yours after day 4 and he said no…. bit depressing as i thought i was doing great. i really have to concentrate on not walking like ‘peg leg’ and focusing on heel to toe. I had no surgery and the vacoped boot. i felt the whole time i was in the boot that i was recovering really well, no pain, milld discomfort on the transitions and full weight bearing at 4 weeks. Since i have been out of the boot the hill we have to climb looks really steep. i have been doing no physio whilst in the boot but figured that was ok bearing in mind the boot has built in active ROM. i can not rate the boot more highly to be honest and feel privileged to have been given it. My first physio session when the boot came off could not have been more underwhelming if it had tried. i have been given 15min worth of exercises which seemed not much but i am glad when they are over. What exercises have you been given? Good luck with the rehab and please keep posting as it’s comforting to know there is someone out there who is pretty much at the same place as i am!

  4. Ah that makes sense! I can’t walk for long like that as I end up with pain and swelling. I’ve realised I need to take it a bit slower and accept that I’m going to be shuffling a bit. I tried 2 shoes outside yesterday but it was a bad idea - I didn’t get very far and could still feel it this morning. I think I’ll go back to the boot or crutches for any distance outside for now.

    I have had exactly the same concern that I felt like it was going really well in the boot, and 2 shoes has been a bit of a reality check as to how far I still need to go. Hopefully that’s reassuring, reading that you’re feeling the same is helpful! I had the same sense of being behind when I watched Evan Brown’s #3 video funnily enough, he seems pretty comfortable walking barefoot at the same stage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6AIX7nppWM

  5. P.S. Are you non-op as well? I guess it’s a bit different if you’ve had surgery.

    I’ll do a quick post later with the physio exercises I’ve been given. Stand on one leg, tandem walk, ankle inversion (I had a bit of ROM missing there) and calf contraction.

  6. Hi, I’ve been in shoes for two and a half weeks (I’m also non-op) so am a couple of weeks ahead of you. I could barely walk across the road when I was at your stage (two weeks ago) but have come on considerably since then, and can walk over a mile at a time, and am doing two to three miles a day now. So I expect that things will get much easier for you in the next couple of weeks. Lots of walking, barefoot walking at home, and stretching have all helped. I would recommend not going back into the boot if you can avoid it.

  7. Ah cheers Don. I just went out in the boot but it was aggravating the back of my leg above the tendon where it’s swollen so I had to turn back. I guess I just need to rest/elevate and start again more conservatively. Being able to walk a mile in my own shoes would be lovely! I was going out and doing that in my lunch break in the boot so it feels like a bit of a step backwards at the moment. Good to hear it’s normal :)

  8. I was non-op. My brother has done both tendons and had surgery first time and non-op second time. despite wanting the surgery and being refused it he has had a much easier recovery than the last time. It does seem that the progress that we will make in the next couple of weeks will be massive but it just seems unlikely at the moment. I was given by the physio - seated heel lifts 9no-weight, hand weight- leg weight) single leg standing, single leg standing whilst exercising the other leg, seated toe lifts (i find these hard which does not bode well for getting back in the car) then finally the dreaded standing heel lift… i never liked these when i was fit never mind now…. at the moment its a single heel lift on my good leg with my bad leg just there for show! I have more swelling now since this thing started and my heel pain both on the sole of my heel and the back is aggravating. he said i didn’t need the heel lifts that my consultant discharged me with … but reading another blogger her consultant advised to use them to alleviate the pain in her heel, so i may follow suit. sorry for babbling.

  9. Please feel free to babble! That’s what this place is for. I was given rubber heel inserts but yeah I’m getting pain there too.

    My physio said to do heel raises on the good leg too - because I mentioned that I’ve been having pain and tightness in both calves/Achilles for years now. Sounds like you’re the same? In fact my “good” leg has generally been more painful than the bad one when walking in the boot, presumably because it’s working harder.

    I haven’t been able to run really for years because as soon as I get to any distance my calves/Achilles will tighten up/hurt the next day. I’d love to just be able to do a 5K or something. I did go and see physios about it before but obviously not enough.

    Both sides have always felt equally bad so I can see myself ending up doing both like your brother. I guess I should just worry about the ruptured one for now though!