Week 8 Day 7

Last day before I go back to hospital. I’m booked in to see the consultant followed by the physio, so I guess things will start happening now. The safety of the boot is nice but it does feel like time to move on.

I know from blogs and videos here that I need to be pretty careful with it at this stage. That said it seems it’s mostly just pot luck as to whether you’ll be one of the 8-20% (depending on who you believe) that land on the snake and go back to square 1 (i.e. suffer a re-rupture). If that happens, I’ll just have to deal with it.

I really hope they tell me I can sleep with the boot off. I haven’t slept well for at least 3 weeks. I’m not sure why as I’m sure I slept OK at first. Now I just wake up after a couple of hours and can’t find a comfortable position with that great lump on my leg.

I actually stood up without the boot on the other day. Not sure if it was advisable really, but I put the bad foot slightly out in front and kept most of my weight on the uninjured foot. I don’t know why I felt the urge to do it, but it felt good :)

I’ve got used to how small my left calf looks now when I take the boot off. There’s still a bit of muscle on the outside calf (lateral gastroc head) but the inside (medial) just seems to have disappeared. Last time I checked it had lost 2 inches compared to the good side, maybe a bit more now. I’m definitely looking forward to getting the green light to try and lift some weight with it, though I guess I shouldn’t get my hopes up!