Week 7 Day 1 - 3rd Wedge Removal Day

I bloody love wedge day! I think because it’s a milestone to tick off on the road to recovery.

I went through the whole top or bottom trial process again and ended up removing the bottom wedge (wedge 4 of 5). This leaves wedges 2 and 3. Fairly uneventful really, it’s still comfortable enough and I can still get about without crutches.

I got a quick video trying it out - no shoe so a bit jerky:

2 Responses to “Week 7 Day 1 - 3rd Wedge Removal Day”

  1. You walk so well with your boot. I have a serious limp because I can’t find a shoe that balances me well enough! I’m a tad bit jealous, but good for you! Lol!

  2. I swear you just need to keep your knee on the bad side bent :) Failing that a lot of people here swear by “Evenups” (http://www.evenupcorp.com/). I ordered one but by the time it arrived (not many in UK) I found the knee bending thing meant I didn’t need it.