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Apr 12 2011

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It’s about time I posted……

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I seem to be taking the standard path of recovery for AT Blog members, as we heal and the demands of life and work return to normal we loose contact with the blog and the post updates grow longer.
So, some 10 weeks since my last entry here is the current state of play.
I finally got off “the plateau” from my last post about 4 weeks ago when I noticed the limp was almost gone and started to wake up in the morning and not think about my AT.
My PT sessions ended about 5 weeks ago when we got to the point of just doing strengthening exercises that could easily be carried out at my own gym, so on early Monday morning I packed my bag W(Which I never thought I would do again some 20 weeks ago!) and tentatively set off a pre work gym session.
Thankfully, the initial and subsequent sessions went OK with no complaints from the AT, although over the last two weeks I have stepped up a level that caused my AT to let me know it is still there and maybe back off a bit. Again from reading other blogs, I took the advice given and listened to my AT so hopefully did not do too much, if any damage.
One thing I notice though, I can put in some good sessions on the bike, rowing machine and treadmill (walking, not running) kit with no issues but when I try cross trainer my AT is letting me know within a few 100M has any body else experienced pain or over stretching on a cross trainer?
Funnily enough, one of the big issues I seem to have now is not with my AT but with the core muscles in my lower back. I don’t know If they have been weakened by inactivity during the NWB or PWB periods of recovery or if they have been over strained by compensating for the limp recovery period but by the end of the day I have a lot of pain in the lower back (Left side same as AT rupture). Has anyone had a similar experience? I’m going to start some core work tomorrow at the gym to see if the situation improves and hopefully doesn’t make things worse.
I saw my consultant last Friday 21 weeks post op and he was pleased with the recovery to date, the illusive single heal raise is still not there yet but again he did not seem concerned at this stage and suggested I see him again in six months to hopefully to be signed off.
So that’s about it, I will try to keep the posts more up to date than of late although I still visit the site every few days to keep track of everyone’s recovery.
Again, to those of you new to this world and maybe in the darker times; it does get better.
I feel I am 90% back to normal now but in the low times I thought I would never be at the gym or playing softball on the beach with the kids 20 weeks later, so I guess time is the great healer (as well as some PT and a good protocol -thanks Norm!).
Take care, stay positive & keep healing,

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