Feb 01 2011


On the plateau @ 12 weeks…

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Now the sites back up and running again (thanks Dennis, I never realised how much I’d miss it!) I thought I should update me recovery blog, I feel an awful lot seems to have happened during the site downtime with respect to my recovery…. PWB….FWB….Lose the boot….Two Shoes…Lose the crutches!
I saw my consultant on Jauary 14th who was very pleased with the progress, he doesn’t need to see me now for another 3 months so I suppose that’s a positive sign as well.
So now at 12 weeks I look back on what I feel is a fairly rapid transition from PWB to 2 shoes. After a few PT sessions the tendon felt good and with considerably improved ROM I took Norms advice and discussed the more intensive protocol that Norm champions which seems to return positive results. Fortunately I have a very enthusiastic physiotherapist who encouraged this approach so off we went.
I have been very committed over the past weeks to the PT protocol applying the theory “little and often” which seems to suit me and my AT.
I am sure most of you will agree as well that it is very, very important to “listen to your AT” I have been in and out of my office a few times over the last week, today however is my second consecutive day back at work and my AT is just starting to let me know it’s still there. If I’m needed in the workshop its three floors down (no lift) and a good five minute walk/limp to get there.

Reading some other Blogs I think that I am now “on the plateau” after this initial quick progress I seem to have reached a point where progress is less noticeable, but I keep telling myself it’s a long road. This may however also be because my (at home) PT has become less frequent as I get more involved again with my work demands.

The main issues I see at this point are swelling, stiffness of the tendon, balance/limp and muscle weakness. Those one legged heel raises seem a long way off, but then I remember before Christmas FWB seemed a distant dream!
With regards to the swelling my Physio has suggested trying a compressive sock, they are like the ones you may find on your legs after surgery to prevent blood clots but a bit thicker material, I suppose they might be similar in away to flight socks. Has anybody tried these? I may give them a go because at the end of the day the ankle size noticeably differs from the morning’s appearance.

I must sign off for now, I think it’s time for me to construct a leg support under my desk!

One note, on my last clinical visit my consultant described my recovery to date as “Phenomenal” which really inspired me considering how I felt in the early weeks when I honestly never thought i’d walk again, so for anyone new to the injury and maybe in the dark days, it really does get better, be positive and you will get through it.

Take care, Happy New Year and keep healing!

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  1. iski7bon 01 Feb 2011 at 12:30 pm 1

    Flight socks sound like a great idea. I have been wearing a compression sock ever since the stitches came out, and it has really done wonders for keeping the swelling down. (RICE) Rest Ice Compress Elevate is still a good thing to do after a long day of walking or standing, of course.

  2. normofthenorthon 07 Feb 2011 at 1:03 pm 2

    I mostly skipped Compression in my RICE, concentrating on Elevation and some Icing. On one visit to my surgeon on an unusually swollen day, he recommended an elastic ankle support. I used it a few times, then returned to E and occasional I.

    Doug53 found Compression very helpful, but he and ISki seem to be in the minority here, FWIW.

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