Dec 21 2010


Progress at last!

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Last Friday (5wks 3 days post op) I saw my doctor one brief examination later I was issued at last with a protocol for my rehabilitation and cleared for PWB (at last). Across the hall I went to the PT for my first trial which thankfully turned out to be not as painful as I expected it would be. It seems however that due to the extended NWB / conservative approach of my surgeon it seems that there is more atrophy to the muscle and stiffness to the joint than expected so I may be in for some intense PT sessions. I was given some exercises and stretching to carry out at home and off I went.
Today (6 weeks post op) more PT this time it was a lot more aggressive (ok more painful) with some AT stretching and Theraband work but more emphasis placed on getting the bits and pieces in the foot working again. After this session I am more confident now with my AT (I know its not going to snap again at the slightest strain).
So, on the whole I’m a lot more positive now I’m respect to my recovery.
The other sympathetic AT seems to be OK now as well because I’m starting to be more mobile again (fingers crossed). Next PT is Thursday 30th Dec. Hopefully the snow has cleared by then so my wife can get her car off the driveway!
Take care everybody and have a happy Christmas

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  1. teresa1on 23 Dec 2010 at 5:12 pm 1

    Things are moving on for you, being PWB makes you more stable though you might need to put some heel inserts in your other shoe to even yourself up a bit ( you can get them from a chemist) otherwise you end up with backache.
    Keep going with the physio as it does really help loosen your AT up. It might be worth seeing if you can get in a pool and swim as it really helps build your calf strength up and gets your ankle mobile. Good luck

  2. Moostaxon 24 Dec 2010 at 5:12 am 2

    Hi Teresa thanks for the advice,
    You’re right i definately feel more stable. When the weather clears here I’ll give the pool a try. Anything to loosen up this ankle would be great, it still feels like its locked at a certain point but im sure it will improve.
    Take care & Best Wishes,

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