Apr 27 2008

Surf Another Day: Day 9

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Day 9

I’m bored. Out of my skull. Bored and bored of being bored. So completely off my chops that I’m sure i couldn’t be more bored. Except I know I will be. And more. Much more so, and very soon.

So i’m staring at the TV. Brothers and Sisters is on. I’m so thoroughly flattened and annoyed with myself that i can’t follow it. Still, i know the beach this scene was shot on. And it’s killing me. It’s freaking malibu, it has to be, third point for sure, no other point break looks like that, does it? But noone else is there. How did they do that?

Grrr. I hate them. I’d give anything just to paddle out and sit in the line-up.

It’s nine days since i had surgery to repair my right AT. I’ve been very dedicated to running for the past six months (45+ miles a week) and i wonder if that’s what brought me to this particular spot on the sofa. I don’t know what or why it happened and that sorta kills me. I’m too young, too fit for this. Or so i thought.

My actual injury event is pretty embarrassing. I wasn’t doing anything remotely heroic or strenuous. What I was doing was procrastinating, avoiding the 10 mile run that is my weekend tradition. It was cold, grey, and really windy so surfing was out, too. Hence i decided to take my longboard skateboard for a cruise up the boardwalk to get my blood pumping and improve my somewhat sour mood.

I’d gone a couple miles and was just starting to really have fun when I planted my right foot to push off hard, and… SNAP. I felt like someone had driven a  fully loaded shopping cart right into the back of my heel. I was confused, trying to pick my foot up post-push, but it just wouldn’t come. I heard a slap, like the sound of a flip-flop smacking, felt like someone had stepped on the back of mine. Maybe that’s why my leg was glued down, but no, i’m not wearing flip-flops. Maybe my pant leg was caught in the trucks, though that seemed mechanically impossible as i was still half on the board. I finally dug deep and heaved my lead leg up onto my board and turned around to face my attackers. Naturally, there were none. Just a couple walking 10 feet behind me. The guy looked up at me and simply said “Whoa.” To which my only response was, “Ouch.”

Fast forward three miles of shameful hobbling back home, 1 week of ice and prayers to the almighty for a simple sprain, a misdiagnosis from my GP that it was a simple sprain, and almost a week to get in to see the ortho and…the rest is history.

I had surgery on 04/18/08 exactly two weeks post-snap. The pain and swelling subsided 24-36 hours following, thank god. It was pretty mind-numbing until it did. Post-op i was in a splint (hard plaster on the front of my foot and shin, toes exposed, three inches below the knee, with the whole thing mummified in ridiculous-looking bandages and tape) and on crutches, though i didn’t even try to use them for a few days. Thank god i had gone shopping and fully cleaned the house the day before surgery or i would have been in deep. My surgeon really didn’t prepare me for how incapacitated i would be.

Day 7 was my first follow-up. I saw the surgeon for a hot minute and he removed my splint to reveal a 3-4″ scar and told me i was on track. I got a new splint, this time of fiberglass instead of plaster, and a bit shorter.  It’s significantly lighter. I’m pretty confident my surgeon overall, but i’m not sure he could pick me out of a line-up which is sorta bizarre considering how intimately involved we’ve been, in a sense.

I return on Day 14 to get the stitches out and trade my splint in for the glorious walker boot with air pump. Color me excited. I wore the boot for one day before surgery and i found it made walking much much easier because of the way the heel rocks forward on to the toe (something i obviously couldn’t do on my own).

Now, If i could just ditch these stupid crutches!

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