Woo Hoo! I am crutchless!! :)
Wednesday May 22nd 2013, 2:17 pm
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I am soo happy that I finally got to get rid of the crutches, because that means I can pull a wagon with my kids, I can carry my 20 month old to her crib, I can function in the real world again! Yeah! Now to be able to drive again…baby steps!
I had my 4 week follow up with my dr on Monday and he said the scar looks great and the tendon feels great. He said there is scar tissue still but not the bad tissue that I had removed good tissue that should help my tendon heal. I am fwb in the boot for 2 more weeks and then a week of gradual going to two shoes and finally two shoes! He told me I could start running again in 4 weeks. My physical therapist wasn’t as optimistic on that last part, but we will see. Right now I am just super happy to not have crutches!
Oh and I can sleep without my boot!! Woot woot! Oh wait I actually can’t sleep now. It is weird, but I refuse to put the boot back on to sleep. I think it is because I am afraid of getting up in the middle of the night with my little one and forgetting to put the boot on.
Physical therapy is going great, still nothing too painful. They had me walk with two shoes and no crutches the other day which gave me a lot of heal pain. I am on the green strength band and my range of motion has improved a lot!

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Congratulations! That is exciting news. You are well on the road to normalcy :) Good luck!

Comment by kellygirl 05.22.13 @ 2:24 pm

Well done on getting off the crutches. My sports PT was concerned about tendon lengthening in the first 14 weeks and didn’t want me to push certain exercises. I built my walking speed up incrementally to start jogging at week 20.

You will beat my timelines easily as I am not targeting running and your doing so well at 4 weeks. However, your doc does sound rather optimistic. I am with your PT on this point.

Comment by alton2012uk 05.22.13 @ 5:45 pm

So good to hear your recovery is going well! I just had my surgery Monday so I needed a little “light at the end of the tunnel” story! I hope you keep doing just as well and I follow in your footsteps!

Comment by limpingmama 05.23.13 @ 10:12 am

Great to hear you are making such good progress. Regarding jogging in 4 weeks, You certainly have an optimistic Dr. I think I would lean more towards the PT. But let’s hope the dr is correct.

Comment by Darryn 05.23.13 @ 10:49 am

Yay! Sounds like you are doing fantastic! I’m so jealous right now. Haha. I still can’t even partial weight bear after 4 weeks :( you have taken away some of my fear of PT. I was getting nervous that it would hurt as well. So excited for you :)

Comment by Dana 05.24.13 @ 2:05 pm

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