9 months post op
Sunday January 19th 2014, 5:36 pm
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It’s been awhile since I posted an update, but everything is going great!!  I was running on a treadmill for most of the fall months and have now transitioned to running outside on trails/streets.  I have no idea why I was so afraid of the pavement but I was.  So of course I decide I’m ready for it when it is negative windchills, snowy, and icy!  :)  I am going to train for a half marathon in June and have about 4-5 other shorter races that I would love to do this summer.  I am very excited to be back to almost normal.  I will always have an ugly scar but it isn’t too big really.  I now worry about my other achilles.  It hurts more than my repaired achilles!  I know I will be down this path again and when I am I know where to come for advice and support!  This website is amazing!!  I hope everyone can get back to what their normal selves too!  I look forward to continuing to read everyone’s stories, and for those of you in the early stages…it does get better!  Definitely not as quickly as we would like, because let’s face it, we all must be an active bunch to begin with!

I have been released from the Ortho!
Tuesday August 27th 2013, 4:24 pm
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I am now completely on my own now.  It feels great!  I am running 3 times a week and right now I am focusing on getting my speed back instead of distance.  It kills me to be running only 10 minute miles!  :)  I am now continuing all of my strength exercises on my own.  I hope this is the last surgery I have but I have a very funny feeling I am going to hurt/rupture my left one sooner than later.  I wasn’t very kind to my body while competing in college track.  I pushed myself super hard.  My Dr. told me he hopes not to see me again but he did meet my kids and said he will most likely see them!  They are an active crew!  I can not begin to say how extremely helpful this website has been to me in the recovery process, this has been a Godsend to me and my sanity.  So THANK YOU!!!!  I will be sure to update when I reach my long term recovery goals.  :)

Went for a mile run!
Monday July 29th 2013, 10:36 pm
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I am so excited that I ran a full mile tonight. It did take me 12 minutes, so presurgery I may have had a small heart attack that it took that long, but slow and steady wins the race! :) I cannot believe that I am actually putting on my shoes and running!! Wearing shoes still hurts very badly but I just put them on at least once a day for an hour to help me get used to it. I saw my Dr last week and he said my scar is looking great and I am making good progress even though I may not see it myself, he was very happy with what he was seeing. He also said that his rupture patients scars heal faster than the debridement patients and he may start to treat tendonitis as a rupture versus debrideing. I found that interesting but it makes sense to me in that my scar is still very swollen at times. He wants to continue to follow my progress so I will be back in another month. I have graduated out of PT finally and need to just continue to strengthen my tendon. I hope everyone continues to progress quickly on their jouneys.

Desensitizing my scar…any tips or tricks?
Wednesday July 03rd 2013, 2:06 pm
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So my main job right now with my recovery is desensitizing my scar so that I can wear real shoes.  It is so sensitive the smallest touch kills me!  What have you guys/gals done to help with the desensitizing part of this process.  Thanks!!

9 weeks post debridement
Wednesday June 26th 2013, 2:50 pm
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I saw the Dr on Friday and he is still very pleased with my recovery. I told him my main concern was not being able to wear shoes of any kind that had a back to them. He told me my flip flops were a great idea. He told me to keep wearing them! Yeah comfort! I still am very concerned about the swelling and he told me it could last up to another two months because of the amount of work he had to do. Therapy is just super painful. I would like to curse the one footed heel lifts! I am now practicing baby jumps…I can’t wait to start running! I am running slowly and carefully with my kids on their bikes and it feels great! I hope everyone is having a wonderful recovery! I can’t wait to post about my first real run! I just ordered new shoes!!!

Two Shoes!! But I can’t wear shoes…
Tuesday June 11th 2013, 2:51 pm
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So I am super excited to finally be rid of the boot, however, wearing shoes hurts sooo much. I have been flip flops which I know isn’t a bright idea. Anyone else have this problem? What have you guys worn to get past this. TIA!! :)

Week 6
Thursday June 06th 2013, 2:26 pm
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The light is blinding now!  I get the boot off next week and I get to take it off around the house this week.  Perfect timing because my older two kids are done with school next week!  I love it!  My ankle is super stiff and stairs I walk like a toddler does.  I am doing great at PT.  I can’t wait to walk around the block with no boot!  I loved my therapist that I had this week.  She was the first therapist that really “got” my injury.  She also knew that I have been living with this pain for so long that she didn’t entirely trust my pain level either.  Which having a high tolerance for pain added on top of the “normal” level of pain that I have had for almost a year makes sense that I may have more pain than I realize.  She also wasn’t surprised based on my running only on my toes for miles on end, that I did get tendonitis, so it just made me very nervous for my left tendon.  She also told me about a study of college athletes with a higher chance of achilles rupture.  She gave me crazy percentages but I don’t remember them right now.  So again I feel like my left’s days are numbered…

I started driving this week again!  It was nice, but it was also the first time I felt real pain again, so I am limiting my driving for short emergency trips only.  I also discovered the cream I  bought for my daughters eczema is also a great scar cream so now I get to smell like blueberry pie and cake batter!  Yum!

I hope everyones healing is going great!

Things going way too good…infection??
Tuesday May 28th 2013, 1:26 pm
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So I think my worse fear has come true! I was putting cream on my incision today and noticed the bottom part of the incision looked red and hard. Of course I can’t get a good look so I took a picture and looked at that. Sure enough it looks yellow and like it is filled with pus. Called my Dr office and they want to see me right away. So I go in later this afternoon to have it looked at. Fingers crossed that it is minor! Anyone else get an infection after they were told the incision was closed? Both of the PT’s and my surgeon told me it was closed completely. If it’s closed how can it get infected?

Woo Hoo! I am crutchless!! :)
Wednesday May 22nd 2013, 2:17 pm
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I am soo happy that I finally got to get rid of the crutches, because that means I can pull a wagon with my kids, I can carry my 20 month old to her crib, I can function in the real world again! Yeah! Now to be able to drive again…baby steps!
I had my 4 week follow up with my dr on Monday and he said the scar looks great and the tendon feels great. He said there is scar tissue still but not the bad tissue that I had removed good tissue that should help my tendon heal. I am fwb in the boot for 2 more weeks and then a week of gradual going to two shoes and finally two shoes! He told me I could start running again in 4 weeks. My physical therapist wasn’t as optimistic on that last part, but we will see. Right now I am just super happy to not have crutches!
Oh and I can sleep without my boot!! Woot woot! Oh wait I actually can’t sleep now. It is weird, but I refuse to put the boot back on to sleep. I think it is because I am afraid of getting up in the middle of the night with my little one and forgetting to put the boot on.
Physical therapy is going great, still nothing too painful. They had me walk with two shoes and no crutches the other day which gave me a lot of heal pain. I am on the green strength band and my range of motion has improved a lot!

Being homebound stinks!
Wednesday May 08th 2013, 10:44 pm
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So it has only been 2 weeks and a day, but I am already losing my mind!  I would love it if it was my left foot that I had surgery on because then at least I could drive!  I am a very very social person and this non social thing is killing me.  I have some friends stop over but it isn’t the usual morning and afternoon chit chat on the school playground.  :(

I started physical therapy today and it went good.  I told her I was afraid that it would be painful and she said not for this type of surgery, if they were aggressive right away it would put me right back to where I was before surgery.  Overuse got me here so we need to go slow.  Whew!   That made me feel way better.  She said I had decent range of motion, and started me on the easy circles, alphabet, and toe crunching exercises.

So my BIGGEST problem right now is the incredible itching I am having with my incision.  It isn’t even necessarily the incision itself that itches but the area around it.  It is almost like I have a giant mosquito bite around the incision.  Has anyone had anything similar to this?  It isn’t warm to the touch at all so I know that I don’t have an infection.  But I am very paranoid about getting one.  I have been taking benedryl to help with the itching at night.

I am able to put weight on my foot with the crutches and I am occasionally walking without the crutches in the kitchen while making dinner and feeding the kids.  It doesn’t hurt at all when I do that, but I don’t want to put myself back at all.  I haven’t been given permission to go without the crutches, but I would LOVE to not use them sooner than later because then I can pull a wagon and take my older two kids to school at least!  :)  But I will wait another week until I see my surgeon again.