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December 14, 2008

Six months after…

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Hi everyone,

Well, I’m at the half marathon milestone and can’t believe it was six months ago the rupture happened.  I have been going to PT twice weekly but will be scaling back to once a week into the new year.  Am able to do limited single calf raises on the rupture side, and if I push it, my calf seizes right up.  During last week there were two days in a row where I couldn’t even get the lift going but the PT said it was not unusual.  Am still wearing Sketchers to work, but have started trying regular dress shoes (no heel) without much trouble.  Doing more treadmill time but still can’t get under a 19 minute kilometre…when I tried to push faster I would get knee and hip pain so I’ve been told to either cut the time or intensity back (which is hard to imagine given how slow I feel!).  PT wants me to try to return to the tennis court to see what I need to strengthen but we’ll see how much Christmas shopping is left first!

Happy holidays,

Moms “owie”

October 29, 2008

Last visit with surgeon!

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Hi everyone,

Twice weekly PT has been doing me good and the incision doesn’t swell up too much by the day’s end.  I’m walking slowly but limp-free on a treadmill and finally broke the 30min/km barrier last night.  This morning was the first time I’d seen the surgeon in 8 weeks since he gave me the okay to ditch the boot and start walking in 2 shoes.  All appears to be in good order and no more follow-up is necessary.  He said I could start back on activities, but would caution getting back to something like tennis without some gradual progression.   At this point I’m leaning towards lots of treadmill time getting comfortable with slow jogging/faster walking to build up some strength, and maybe picking up a racket in the new year?  What do you folks think?  His last words of wisdom to me were to remember to stretch before activities, especially the non-ruptured side…


Moms “owie”

PS - the Achilles heel pad that someone recommended on this site has been very helpful.  I use it under a sock with dress shoes and there is no rubbing of the incision.

September 3, 2008

Timed the return to driving for the worst week possible!

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Hi everyone,

Good news is that I’m driving again and it feels great to be mobile both in 2 shoes and on the road.  Bad news is that school, college and work has started up this first week of September so when I do make the trek to and from work it’ll be with everyone else in rush hour.  Had my 2nd PT appointment today and had the really painful massage on the incision, but afterwards I feel like my range of motion is much better.  Thanks for the tips on Sketchers mary janes - bought some online and I think they’ll work better for the office than my old Saucony running shoes.  The kids were happy to see me behind the wheel as they figure it’s more trips for them!


Moms “owie”

PS - I say watch out for “moms owie” at least a dozen times a day to the little ones…especially since I have no boot as the last line of protection anymore.

August 26, 2008

Start prepping for the victory lap…err…limp!

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Hi everyone,

Week 10 post-surgery started on Sunday and today I saw the surgeon for my 3rd appointment.  I’ve been in a walking book since week 2 with no PT.  Things went well and I now have clearance for 2 shoes in the house (boot still when outside) with crutches at first and work towards ditching them in a week.  Driving can resume around the time I can walk again comfortably.  Was referred to the hospital’s physio department but they have a wait-list and I may not get in for several weeks…was told to go a private clinic to get started and was given some exercises to start on 2x/day.  It took a while to ease the right shoe on, and the steps are slow and cautious, but hey, matching shoes!

All the best,

Moms “owie”

August 4, 2008

Clearing a hurdle (literally)!

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Well, it took about a week of FWB in the boot with one wedge and no crutches but last night I was able to clear the baby gates by swinging my boot over first and stepping over with the good foot.  It has been irritating to have to take the gate(s) down everytime I needed to pass through since they are to keep two toddlers in and two dogs out of various spaces!  One of our dogs watches for my approach to the gated kitchen when it’s near dinnertime and always manages to scoot through before I can replace it…

I found when I took out the 2nd wedge last Wednesday that the boot is not rubbing/pressing against the incision.  It was fine with 3 wedges, bad with 2 and good again with 1.  Hopefully when the last wedge comes out in a week it won’t revert back to painful.  For those already started on PT, how long does a session usually last? 

Regards and happy “BC Day” (or insert appropriate Canadian stat holiday)!

Moms “Owie”

July 30, 2008

Feels like I’m stuck in slow motion - 2nd post-op appointment

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Hi everyone,

I’m now about 6 1/2 weeks post-surgery and went in to see the surgeon this morning.   Was told to take out the 2nd of 3 wedges in the boot today, take the remaining one out in two weeks, and make an appointment for 4 weeks from now.  No PT, no driving, just a “we want to keep you in the boot to protect the tendon”.  Although I kind of expected this, but the reality is sinking in that I still am not anywhere close to getting behind the wheel, shopping, running errands, etc. for at least another month minimum.  I really wanted to be told I could start something constructive towards recovery like PT so mentally it felt like some headway was being made.   I feel like I’m stalled out!  The only positive so far is that the spot that the boot was irritating on the incision site is less painful now that one more wedge is gone! 

My 1 1/2 year old was so happy that I made it out of the house with the family for a picnic last Sunday that he actually smiled every time I looked back at him while in the car, and then decided to sit down with me for most of the outing even though he usually runs around the play area like mad…guess he figured he had to keep me company.

Keep posting with all the great progress and coping tips as I’m hanging on every word!

Happy healing,

Moms “owie”

July 2, 2008

If you were a horse…

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Hi everyone,

Spent Canada Day inside while the family went to check out the festivities - Happy 4th of July to everyone state-side!  Went back to the hospital to see the surgeon for the two week post-surgery appointment.  The nurse had to remove a LOT of staples and that was really no fun.  The doc was very happy with the foot and said there were no complications and I was put in a boot with three inserts.  I’m supposed to remove one in two weeks, then come back for another appointment in four weeks when they’ll probably go down to one insert.  He reminded me that this was a very serious injury and if I were a horse, they would’ve shot me…reassuring stuff, huh?   The surgeon also said they do about 50 of these operations a year at that hospital.

No PT until after the next appointment, but pleasantly surprised to learn that I’ll be referred to the hospital’s PT department which is covered by the provincial medical health plan.  The younger child was not thrown off by the boot and we’ll have to see how the 3 year old reacts.  Am only able to hold the little guy in my lap for a short time when sitting in a chair…I’m not sure who misses the carrying more.


Moms “Owie”

June 27, 2008

So much for playing tennis again…

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Hi everyone,

Sorry to see so many with the same injury but glad there is a place for us to rehab together!  Decided June 14th to sign up for tennis lessons but had not touched a racket in several years.  You guessed it, after stretching and warm-up I only made it another10 minutes before I hit a backhand, pushed off my right foot (I’m a southpaw) to recover from the shot and felt like I had stepped on a ball - no pop, no intense pain, just a weird out of balance feeling.  I tried to put weight on my heel and it felt like I was in impossibly high heels or pointing skis down a really steep slope. 

The medical clinic doctor took one look and told me to take the note she’d written to emergency.  They operated the next morning and I was released the day after.  Apparently another woman was in the surgery ward with the same injury that weekend.  The pain has been manageable when I keep my foot elevated and I’m looking forward to seeing the doctor next Wednesday for follow-up. 

My kids can now really run circles around me.  The three year old wanted my owie covered with a blanket or towel while my 1 1/2 year old throws his stuffed toy at me knowing I can’t dodge it, and have to give it back since I can’t take it anywhere.  The silver lining?  I haven’t had to get up with the younger one for the 4 or 5am wake-ups for the first time in, forever!

Guess I will stick to running when I get over this, although I always said I would make a comeback in tennis once I hit the 35 & over category…guess that master plan has been delayed one more year.  The resident orthopedic surgeon told me that because I had ATR on the one side, I would be at a higher risk than most people to do it to the other side as well.  Have any of you been told this too?

Here’s to fast “heeling”,

Moms “Owie”

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