Locked Ankle?

Has anyone experienced during the healing that their ankle joint becomes the bigger problem? I had a boot on for 10-12 week post surgery. I am currently 14 weeks post-op. I feel like it is my ankle joint restricting me now. My PT is working on it, doing some manual therapy to get the joints gliding, but I just don’t feel any progress has been made past two weeks. Curious if anyone had “locked ankle” or something similar. Thanks for the feedback.

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  1. I just posted about this!! My front ankle seems to be a problem, especially when I go down the stairs. Is that an issue when you go down the stairs? My PT was trying to figure out if it was joint or just stressed muscle.

  2. Not the bigger problem, but it was definitely an issue for me for a while. When laying flat and trying to angle your feet inwards to touch your big toes together, are you restricted in ROM on the injured side? This will get better, you just need to stretch constantly. I would literally just stand on the side of my foot and slowly stretch forward and backward for 30 seconds at a time at various times throughout the day. It is normal for this injury and will get better.

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