Locked Ankle?

Has anyone experienced during the healing that their ankle joint becomes the bigger problem? I had a boot on for 10-12 week post surgery. I am currently 14 weeks post-op. I feel like it is my ankle joint restricting me now. My PT is working on it, doing some manual therapy to get the joints gliding, but I just don’t feel any progress has been made past two weeks. Curious if anyone had “locked ankle” or something similar. Thanks for the feedback.

Wipe Out

I ate it on my sons stuffed animal Sunday night. I fell full force onto my repaired achilles. I fell to the ground, certain I had ruptured it again. Once I calmed down, I called the on-call doctor who informed me it most likely did not re-rupture with me wearing the boot. I still wasn’t convinced, as my pain went form a normal 2 at rest, up to a 6. It took about 24 hours with increased pain medications and rest before I was convinced that I didn’t re-rupture it. I believe minimal damage was done, maybe only stretched it…….Hope that was the one and only fall I will have.

My Achilles Twin

On Sunday, while attempting to get back into the routine of working out, I met my achilles twin. Our stories are so similar with regards to how we were injured, our age, surgery date, having 2 kids, sending our kids to alternative school settings, and on and on. It was such a nice connection, especially after 10 days of near social isolation at home. I was also lucky enough to meet his lovely wife. I hope our paths will continue to cross at the gym during this recovery phase.  (BTW-Josh if you read this, you should look into doing your PT through Providence, at their Timbers location. Super convenient to the MAC).

Here is the Damage

Today I met with the surgeon. He is confident he did a strong repair, and gave me the “accelerated achilles recovery”.  During the surgery he sewed the two tendon ends together, and provided some plastic screws to anchor it into my heal.
I was able to leave the apt back in the boot, but am still non-weight bearing. The boot has a significant wedge in it, that is like wearing a high heel.  The boot is heavy as can be, but hope to be toe touching in a week which will be of help. Also on a good note is that I get to start PT next week, 2x/week for 6 weeks (to start). He is hopeful that I can be driving and in a normal shoe in about 6 -7 weeks!!


The pain is under control, and I go back to see the surgeon on Friday. The hardest part now, is the need to constantly elevate (by sitting with it propped or better yet laying down). I can’t stand for more than 5 minutes or I feel the blood pool and my leg swell. I am pretty much dependent for EVERYTHING…..

Post Of Day 2,3,4

The pain was under control, I got out of bed first thing, and managed to visit with a friend. A much better day. By day 3, the effect of oxycodone were having their toll on my body. Day 3-4 was miserable, and I spent them in bed. The good news is I am off of the oxy and controlling pain with aleve and tylenol.

Post Op Day 1

The morning was ok as the nerve block was still working. However by mid-day, it wore off and pain was unmanageable even with max pain meds. I spent the first day in bed.

Surgery Day

Surgery Day.

I was anxious. Super anxious. We had to wait for a long time in the waiting room, to the point I felt nauseated, low blood sugar, and like I would pass out. I also had a pounding headache, the worst I have ever had. They got a w/c and wheeled me back to the pre-op room where I was able to lay flat. It was clear I needed fluids, but they were unable to get the IV started. It took 3 tries from 3 different nurses before they had success. With the surgeon running behind it felt like forever, and I was so close to bailing on surgery. Finally the surgeon came in, signed my leg twice, and confirmed it was my right achilles (this was a question I was asked about 100 times by all staff, just protocol). Shortly later I met with the anestheisiologist, operating nurse and tech. And before I knew it I was wheeled off, and once in the OR given a cocktail and the anesthesia.

The surgery was of course a blur. I just remember waking up in the recovery room, coughing with an awful taste in my mouth (from tube down my throat) and having crazy body chills. The pain was out of control, and was provided little relief with each additional dose. I finally opted for a nerve block which I had refused before surgery. This helped numb my leg from the knee down. I actually hated it, but appreciated the decrease in pain. About 3 hours after surgery, I left the hospital.

The days before surgery

Thanks to a doctor friend, I was able to be seen this day. Another physical exam confirmed a full rupture. I was given a boot and asked to have an MRI so the surgeon could figure out how to fix it.

MRI completed
I’ve been reading all sorts of information about achilles ruptures. The achilles is the largest tendon in the body. And bottom line, its a bad injury with a long recovery. Unlike most knee surgeries that can be done arthroscopically, achilles surgeries are open surgeries. Also, like many knee injuries you work harder at PT to recover faster, I am learning with achilles that is not the name of the game, its a slow process which requires much patience.

SEPTEMBER 29: My husband got me some new game changing crutches. Thanks to an employee of his who started KEEN Crutches.

Met with the surgeon, who was quick and to the point.

Now its just a waiting game until surgery. I’m over the crutches, and the inability to much of anything around the house. Have you tried cooking a meal standing on one foot, while using crutches? It can be done, slowly, and with lots of frustration.

The day it ruptured

I grew up with a love for soccer, skiing, gymnastics and generally anything competitive, active and outdoors. Before having kids I played in co-ed leagues around town. After having my first child I attempted to continue playing, but failed after a season due to life with a newborn. Now, 6 years later as my kids got into soccer, I decided it was my turn too. After game one, I was amped to be back at it. I was finally doing something for myself, that I LOVED. Game 2 of the season, ten minutes in I ruptured my achilles. I was running towards the ball, and thought I got kicked HARD. I fell to the grown in agony screaming and having flashbacks to child birth as the pain was so intense.  My foot felt “dead” I had no control of it. Three hours later I went to Urgent Caree, still completely unable to put any weight on my foot. They completed a quick physical test, and said it was most likely fully ruptured. I was put in a posterior splint/cast, given crutches and sent home.