I just want to get back on the golf course! (screw basketball)

One crutch questions
October 23, 2008, 1:16 pm
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Hi everyone - it is great to read about everyone’s progress on this board.  I am 11 weeks post-op, am at a neutral position in the boot, and was cleared to use one crutch yesterday.  The doc wants me to ween myself off the one crutch over the next 30 days.  I have found using one crutch to be slower and more draining than using two.  There was also the difference in instructions given to me by my doc and my physical therapist:  my doc says use the one crutch on my “bad leg” side, while my physical therapist says to use it on the “good leg” side!  The doc says that you use one crutch on the “good leg” side when you are dealing with a hip problem, but not something like ATR.

If you are on one crutch, what are you doing?

Also, do most people drop the second crutch “cold turkey”, or still use it for longer walks or when your leg is sore/tired?

Any advice on how to make the “one crutch” stage a little easier is appreciated!

Numbness in fingertips?
September 25, 2008, 10:33 am
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Hi everyone,

Just got the boot yesterday, 7 1/2 weeks post-op.  Glad to wash that leg!

Since I’ve been on crutches for almost 8 weeks, I’m assuming the numbness I feel in the 5 fingertips of my right hand is due to the constant pressure on my hands.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Funny thing, there is no numbness in my left fingertips, just my right.  The numbness stays around basically all day and night, and while it is not painful, it is annoying.  The doc thought it might be carpal tunnel, but since all 5 fingertips are numb, that would be not align with the standard symptoms (thumb, index, and middle finger, I’ve been told, are the ones usually effected with carpal tunnel).

Hopefully this goes away after I ditch the crutches!  Anyone else?


1 week + 1 day post op - this is gonna be a long road!
August 13, 2008, 11:00 am
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OK, here is the thumbnail sketch of my injury.  I was playing pickup basketball with some colleagues at work (I work as an administrator at a university in New Jersey).  I usually play at lunch time 1 time per week (though I hadn’t made it out there very regularly this summer).  About 15 minutes into the game (I was 1-for-1 from the field!) I made a fake to one direction, then a hard cut the the basket, and POP!  I was down for the count, and it felt, like many people say, as if someone threw a basketball at the back of my foot (or I was kicked).  Within about 10 seconds on the ground, however, I knew what had happened.  I’ve sprained my ankle before, even dislocated my shoulder (both playing b-ball) but this was completely different.  After a short trip to: 1) the campus health center (nobody was there to treat that day, as there are no students on campus during the summer; 2) the ER (my insurance company mistakenly told me that they would not cover non-life-threatening illnesses at the ER….so I left for urgent care); 3) urgent care (initial diagnosis); and, finally 4) the orthopaedic surgeon’s office for a splint and scheduled surgery (6 days later), I was pretty bummed. 

The surgery went well on Tues., 9/5, and though I was in some bad pain, of course, for about 2 days.  By day 3 I was off the pain killers, and by day 4 I was able to take a scheduled 90-minute flight to NC for a planned vacation.  My foot didn’t swell any more on the plane, thankfully, than it had the previous few days.  Still on vacation, and it has been a big adustment not being able to water ski, golf, etc. while I’m down here.  It has also been tough being pretty immobile, unable to carry things (including my 2-year-old son), while on crutches, etc.  My wife and the rest of my family have been amazing, but it is quite hard feeling so helpless and like a burden at times.  Hopefully this is a learning experience.

My surgeon says I’ll be in a fiberglass cast for about 8 weeks (maybe 10, hopefully not), then a boot for a while and PT.  The pain is pretty much gone, but I hate the constrictiveness of the cast.  I had one very minor slip going to the restroom in the middle of the night, but just felt a tingling up my leg for a little while, so I’m hoping no damage was done.  My guess is I would know it if I re-ruptured the tendon while in the cast.  Anyone else have any minor slip-ups while in the cast that made you worry a bit?  The last thing I can imagine is starting this process all over again.  I’m going to take things very conservatively, and just hope to get back to low-impact stuff like golf, swimming, and walking by late fall or early winter.  Just walking in a boot without crutches right now would be like heaven.

I enjoy reading everyone’s posts and this seems like a great support while going through this.

My first post
August 4, 2008, 2:38 pm
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Looking forward to full recovery and getting back on the golf course next year!