Achillies Tendon Rupture - 5 weeks Post-Op

I injured my achillies tendon about 7 weeks ago playing soccer. When it happened it hurt a lot, but I had no idea that I ruptured my achillies.I guess this is the worst part, not knowing, had I known I would have saved 2 weeks of misery.

The first doctor that checked me did not bother to look beyond x-rays, as she did not see any fracture, she asked me to rest for 5 days. :(

I then managed to see a physiotherapist that performed some tests including Thompson, and he told me that i suffered ATR (in his estimation he was about 95% sure) but he still wanted me to see a doctor.

After 1 week exactly, i managed to see an orthopedic surgeon he performed some tests, and ultrasound and he then confirmed that I indeed ruptured my achillies tendon.

He pretty much suggested surgery , and he quickly dismissed any non-operative discussions since I am young and active , he figured surgery would give me the best outcome. He asked me to come back in 1 week for surgery.


Injury date: 2nd March

First ortho visit: 9th March

Surgery date: 17th March
Surgery last about 1 hour. I was put in a fiberglass splint and covered and off i went. He asked to stay NWB for 3 weeks until my next appointment. I kept my leg elevated pretty much the whole time to minimize the swelling

3 weeks post OP 7th April:
Removed the splint, also removed the 20+ staples my wound, the nurse put white tape strips to cover the wound.
I had ordered my VacoCast prior to this appointment as I wanted to avoid the surgeon using some other boot (thanks to Achillies Blog)
The surgeon liked the boot, he simply asked me to set it to 30 degrees.

He suggested the following protocol.

3 weeks - 30 degrees - NWB
4 weeks - 20 degrees - NWB
5 weeks - 10 degrees - NWB
6 weeks - 0 degrees - Start walking with boot - physiotherapy
8 weeks - Remove boots if possible and start walking

Off course I found his protocol very slow and I was not very pleased to hear that he wants me to keep my foot NWB for 6 weeks Post-OP

I am currently at week 5, here is what I am doing:

-  ROM
- Thera-Band exercices,
- Started to walk around the house with my boot. No issues to date. (I AM SOOO GLAD I CAN WALK A LITTLE, IT FEELS SO GOOD)
- I also set my boot to 5 degrees plant.
- 2 times a day, i put a hot pad on my Achilles (to promote circulation and help with the healing) suggested by both Physiotherapist and Doctor.

In addition to all this I am doing the following exercises to a daily basis since 2 weeks post-OP
- 20 x 3 push-ups (with my injured leg crossed over my good leg)
- 20 x 3 crunches and other core exercises
- 10 x 10 (sec hold) x 3 leg raises (to train my quads)

As of this week, I want to start going to the gym and doing some stationay biking to get my Cardio back in shape.

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