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Getting “olakino maika’i” (healthy)

March 16, 2014 · 4 Comments

Diagnosis and a plan of action was just what this old gal needed!  Finally, someone told me what was wrong and what to do about it!  I immediately felt both relieved and excited!

Surgery on 2/27/14 went well, and Dr Rasmussen had me wearing a splint which was removed on 3/10/14.  The incision healed up really nice (she glued it).  She instructed me to wear the BOOT and  to continue to not to put weight on the right foot, except when say–at the sink brushing my teeth.   She told me I could get it wet, to get into a pool–as soon and as often–as I could for physical therapy.  She said the water would allow me to move freely and not put a strain on the right foot. This was great to hear!

Pool therapy sounds great, but the logistics of that raced through my mind…how, when, where.  I couldn’t drive there, wherever there was.  Wearing the boot navigating anywhere on crutches makes me nervous to do it alone.  God brought to mind a friend in my neighborhood who had a pool.  I’ve known Donna–well it seems like ages!  She knew my plight and was praying for me along with others from our church.  It was such a blessing to hear her say, “Oh, sure! Absolutely!  You come any day, I’m always here! In fact, I’ll come pick you up!”

Pool therapy blessings began on 3/14/14. Walking upright (more or less) in water is not easy with ATR, but it got progressively easier with reps.  I also did leg extensions, lifts,  kicks, and swam around–gently of course!  The best thing was not having to wear the BOOT or be depending upon crutches!  Oh, and of course not worrying that I would hurt myself with the activity.  My friend Donna was great company as we spent the time chatting up while I worked out in her pool.   I needed this not only for my body, but also for my spirit too!

Wishing everyone healing blessings!

A Hui Hou!

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Aloha, e komo mai!

March 15, 2014 · 17 Comments

Hi Folks & Welcome!

I am new to blogging, and recently new to a sports related injury — ATR to my right foot!

Since, this is my first post, I’ll give you a little background on myself.  I live in Kailua, on the island of Oahu (on the Windward side) in Hawaii.  I am 57 years young, married with four grown sons and one grand-daughter.  I work full-time in my neighborhood at a well known medical facility.  My husband works on the South shore at a well known hotel as a chef. We still have two sons living at home with us.

I’ve always tried to maintain a good weight and exercise lifestyle, but in recent years it’s been so hard to be both disciplined and motivated.  I’ve always had those ups and downs and peaks and valleys of healthy eating choices and the right balance of activity.  Needless to say, the scale or my clothes would clue me that it was time to get serious again.

On 2/3/14 while working out at a neighborhood fitness class at about 5:30am,  I ruptured my right achilles tendon.  I was working at a station with another boot camp member running in place when I felt as though I was kicked extremely hard at the back of my foot.  Immediately, my heel went numb.  I limped off the mat; massaged the foot; drove home to ice the foot and leg.  In spite of the injury, I showered, dressed, and went to work.

Since I do work at a medical facility, I also scheduled an appointment to see a doctor that day.  She took an x-ray, examined the leg and told me it could take weeks for the bruising, swelling, pain to subside. I was wrapped up with an Ace bandage and told to elevate and ice often.

I continued that week with the icing and elevating, but after one week–I scheduled a follow up on 2/10/14–because I was still not able to walk properly.  She noted the bruising was only beginning to subside but remarked that for some it takes months to improve.  I told her there is something more going on here and asked for an MRI. She ordered it as well as a referral to an orthopedic physician.

Three days pass and still not contacted to do MRI and I am getting impatient.  I discovered when speaking to a co-worker that it was likely that the medical assistant did not call in for the prior authorization. This co-worker offers to do so for me–and boom get a call back that evening from her that auth is good! I then call Radiology and schedule the MRI.

The next day, 2/14/14, I called the orthopedic department (I was referred in house) to schedule an appointment–but no availability for several weeks.

I went to see my primary physician on 2/15/14 for regular lab work follow up and he recommends an orthopedic doctor in town. But as it turned out he could only see me sooner if during my work hours.

The MRI was not done until 2/18/14, but on 2/19/14 the results were sent to the doctor who forwarded them to me.  A lot of the report was more medical terminology than my pay grade, but I knew enough to know it wasn’t good news.

Since, I was still seeing a physical therapist for my right shoulder (Janet), she suggested Dr Rasmussen here in my neighborhood. The soonest I could get in to see her was 2/26/14.

Finally, appointment day!  Dr Rasmussen has me lay on my stomach, pressed the back of my right calf muscle and says “ATR”.  She asks, “When did this happen?  2/3/14 and today is 2/26/14?  You should have had surgery 3weeks ago!  You needed this done 3weeks ago–and though I am booked tomorrow–no matter! I am adding you to my surgical schedule 2/27/14!”


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