Compression Sock

I can’t remember who recommended it but at 5 weeks I started wearing 2Xu compression socks and I believe it’s been helpful.  The foot swelling obviously went way down and the ROM was easier to manage.  I’d recommend it but talk to your doctor.  I’m at about 80% PWB and seeing the doctor on Friday…hoping for a green light for FWB.  Hang in there everyone…and check out the compression sock idea.

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  1. dsut4392 Said,

    August 26, 2009 @ 10:06 pm

    Good find.
    I used the varicose-vein/diabetic/anti-embolism stockings that come in flattering beige and off-white shades, your grandma can probably tell you where to get them at the best price (which won’t be the places selling them for use to prevent in-flight DVT).
    On the other hand, the 2XU ones are very flash and let you feel more like an extreme athlete. Probably better for the self-esteem and no doubt they last longer as well.

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