PWB - patience is tough

So I’ve been in the boot now for 5 full days - at some moments it feels like I could go to 50% or more PWB and then others the Achilles is just much more sensitive.   Swelling has come down quite a bit, I’ve been rubbing it out a few times a day and doing ROM gently when I can. Even though the DR said to go slow, I guess I thought it might actually go faster but part of it is my fear and not knowing what pain (if any) is acceptable to rehab the Achilles.  I know it’s getting better every day (mostly by ROM work) but the PWB seems slow indeed.

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  1. dsut4392 Said,

    August 19, 2009 @ 10:38 pm

    The fear of not knowing is the most difficult thing, I agree. And pain perception is such a personal thing, it’s hard to say what is good pain and what is bad.
    For all that, I really didn’t have much pain at all going to PWB or FWB, just a tingling/pins and needles sort of sensation, a perception of tightness in the tendon, then an ache later on after extended weightbearing. I believe this was mostly related to taking out heel wedges from the boot at the same time as transitioning to PWB and FWB over the period of a week. There was some heel/foot pain as well, but this was distinctly separate from the achilles area and I expected it after no weight bearing for more than 3 weeks (I was 10 days from injuy to surgery).
    If you’re feeling any searing/stabbing pains I would do as your doc said and take it real easy, but if it’s a dull ache that comes later it’s probably fine.
    The other thing you could try, if you have had a lot of heel raise taken out, is add a thin wedge back under your heel, build up to taking weight, then take the wedge out. I used an aftermarket orthotic for this (”superfeet” which I use in my hiking boots), which made a difference even though it only adds about 5mm of heel lift.
    You will gain so much mobility by going to FWB that it is probably worth staying a little tigher in the achilles for a couple of weeks.

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