24 Weeks and Snow Skiing!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been cycling about 160 miles a month for the past two months plus a lot of swimming. I’ve still not tried running (jogging) but will start in a few weeks with 1/2 walk and 1/2 jog. Still using compression socks after I cycle. I did 3 days of snow skiing which was a little nerve racking but I needed to go to follow my kids (mostly beginner/intermediate runs and I’m a decent skier). Overall, the Achilles seemed fine but I could tell it took some stress. I hope everyone is doing well…..


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13 Weeks Today - Cycle and Spin Your Way to Recovery!

So it’s been 13 weeks and I’ve been 2 Shoe for about a month. I still have a very small hitch in my walk but it’s almost gone. I’ve been spinning and cycling with more frequency and I must say my ankle feels great afterwards. I’m starting to dial it up now (I’m about 75% of my watt output but my endurance is shot). I hope everyone is doing well…for those new to the site, YOU WILL GET BETTER!!!!!


10 Weeks - Update and Snow Skiing Question

So I’ve been walking 2 Shoes for just under 2 weeks now and all is good. I’ve been spinning more and more on my staionary bike (not with me boot anymore) and it really seems to help loosen up the ankle without too much strain. I still have a noticable limp but it’s getting better each day (I’m guessing it’ll be visible for another 7-10 days). I still have a 1/2 inch pad in my left shoe. I’ve had 3 PTsessions, one of which was very painful but seemed to help.

Wondering if anyone can tell me how soon they went snow skiing after Post ATR? Trying to plan a family vacation for Thanksgiving which would be 19 weeks Post ATR….will I make it?

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Rehab begins….

I went to 2 shoes full time on the 15th and haven’t looked back. The strength is really improving dramatically now and I started rehab on the 17th. I have a severe limp but after an hour of rehab is seemed like it was cut in half. I learned the following day that the flexibility you get after an hour of rehab doesn’t stick 100% but I know it’s part of the process. Did a lot of hamstring, ankle stretching/ROM and it hurt less than I expected. I’m still using compression socks and swear by them. I hope everyone is well.

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Two Shoes!

I saw my doctor last Friday (9/11) and he gave me 1/2 inch pads and said I was good to begin 2 Shoes! I waited until today (9/14) and just put on a sneaker for the first time in two months. It felt great! I know I can’t walk too much in a the shoe just yet but the feeling was awesome. I’ve also been swimming and started spinning yesterday as well. I hope everyone is doing well….I’m soooo excited that the worst is behind me but I will be VERY careful for the next month and longer.

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FWB at last

At 6 weeks my doctor gave me clearance for FWB….it was harder mentally to get there than I thought but each day I added more weight and felt more confident and at 7 weeks I could take a few steps. Then the next few days got much better, much faster. Today (7 weeks 4 days) I’m FWB all the time (no crutches at all) and feeling like the worst of this ordeal may be behind me. My heel is sore when I walk but no Achilles pain at all. Just wanted to share…hope everyone is doing well.

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So I’m at 6 weeks and 4 days and can walk (in boot) at something like 99% FWB. I think the only thing stopping me from ditching the crutches is fear. I’d love to know how fast people actually went from crutch to no-crutch? Cold turkey? From 2 crutches to 1 then none? Part time FWB and then crutches to not overdo it the first few days? Thanks all.

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Compression Sock

I can’t remember who recommended it but at 5 weeks I started wearing 2Xu compression socks and I believe it’s been helpful.  The foot swelling obviously went way down and the ROM was easier to manage.  I’d recommend it but talk to your doctor.  I’m at about 80% PWB and seeing the doctor on Friday…hoping for a green light for FWB.  Hang in there everyone…and check out the compression sock idea.

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PWB - patience is tough

So I’ve been in the boot now for 5 full days - at some moments it feels like I could go to 50% or more PWB and then others the Achilles is just much more sensitive.   Swelling has come down quite a bit, I’ve been rubbing it out a few times a day and doing ROM gently when I can. Even though the DR said to go slow, I guess I thought it might actually go faster but part of it is my fear and not knowing what pain (if any) is acceptable to rehab the Achilles.  I know it’s getting better every day (mostly by ROM work) but the PWB seems slow indeed.

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PWB in the Boot!

At four weeks to the day of surgery, the cast came off and the boot went on.  Doctor said PWB…10-15% to start getting to 30% by end of week and then 60-70% in two weeks (seems a little slow to me?).  The foot is very swollen when I’m on it but seems like that’s normal.  Also, some heal warmth/pain but very manageble.  He said no PT for two more weeks but I can do ROM work etc.

So…a big milestone and I’m thrilled to begin the process back.  When it happened I thought I’d want to get back to running, biking etc….really, I just want to walk (for now).

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