It’s been a while since I’ve written or even really participated and I went into withdrawal. To make amends, I bought my t-shirt, read a bunch of other people’s blogs, and am now posting to bring everyone back up to speed.

I’m now up to wearing regular shoes. I had a post-op with the surgeon on the 10th of July, and he declared that I could “wean” off the boot. In all honesty, that weaning took about 30 minutes. He also told me that I’m healing nicely. When I pressed for details on what exactly “nicely” meant, he told me that he couldn’t feel a gap in the tendon repair site; there was good range of motion in the ankle; and, I was able to generate decent pressure through the ball of my foot in plantar flexion. All in all, it was good news.

I’ve been going to PT twice a week for the last seven weeks and have graduated in the last week or so to strengthening and balance training. We’ve progressed to toe raises, balancing on the repaired foot on the jogging trampoline while they throw a ball at me, and side steps onto a raised box. It really takes a lot of concentration to not “cheat” on the exercises by pushing weight completely through my heel or using too much of the good leg.

Like most of us in the two-shoes category, I’m now trying to stay motivated in the marathon with the small victories - more reps, heavier weights, longer durations, less swelling - instead of the more major milestones. It’s continuing to be a mental challenge without the endorfins.

That’s all for now. PT awaits!

2 Responses to “If this is a marathon, I didn’t get my endorfins”
  1. tennisjunkie says:

    Hey, glad you joined us again. We are close to same place. I am still in boot, but part time. I also have not been to PT. Talk about a conservative doctor.
    Glad you are making progress - and I guess we should be glad for no major setbacks. But - man, is this a slow healing process! Baby steps.

    I have been swimming for 4 weeks - a few times a week. I swam about a mile and a half last nite. That gets the endorfins going. Try it - it helps.

  2. mlouie says:

    Glad to be back.

    I agree that your doctor is conservative, but because surgical techniques are better now, we have a tendency to feel much better than we are (according to my PT). It really is a slow process, though. I think it will take the full year to recover.

    I haven’t gotten into the pool, yet. I’ve been trying to not push too hard, too fast. The stories about re-rupture scared the bejeezus out of me and I figured I’d take the turtle’s approach. But, I really am looking forward to the endorfins :)

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