I’m back from my second PT visit and it’s been going well. The first visit was about medical history, recovery timeline to date, and ROM measurements, so I held off on the post (don’t hate me :D). In general, the PT is happy with my ROM and is focused on keeping the swelling down, continuing ROM, and building strength in some of the muscles.

To that end, we come to today’s visit. Quad focused exercises for both eccentric and concentric movement, ROM exercises, dorsiflexion resistance, massage on the ankle and calf to help reduce swelling, electric stim, and ice. In all of my PT experiences, the icing part is something that I really enjoy at the clinic. For some reason, no matter what I do, I can’t seem to get the icing at home to be as effective or feel as good as when I get iced down by the PT.

Today was also just a great day. I went to a business event at Dodger’s Stadium as the guest of a friend of mine. She’s the Brand Manager for Southwest Airlines in our area and was invited to the Los Angeles Small Business Association Awards Luncheon. I got to tag along and network, get fed, and watch the game. Unfortunately, the Boys in Blue lost to the Rockies by a single run, but hey, I was cruising the stadium including up and down the steep stairs in the seating with only a single crutch! PWB is AWESOME!

I was so geeked up by such a good day, I actually came home after PT and just cranked out a bunch of stuff for work and am closing with this post! It’s really odd to say this, but I felt so . . . normal. The only concession I had to make to the recovery was to just go slow. Blog Nation - there is hope! Keep your eyes on the prize.

The adrenaline and the post-game high are wearing off, so, till next time blog buddies, I’m out.

4 Responses to “Day 34 - Second Physical Therapy Visit”
  1. matts says:

    Thats Great Walshie. After 4 weeks and going to PT makes me feel that my old life that I miss is not too long away. By the way Go Cubs! We should be in two shoes around the same time. Do you still wear the boot when you sleep?

  2. matts says:

    Mike-I just realized that I called you Walshie. I have not had my Monster drink yet today. haha Sorry!

  3. mlouie says:

    LOL - I don’t wear the boot at night, but I do elevate it to make sure that any swelling incurred during the day recedes.

    The cool part about yesterday is that I’m not even a baseball fan ;-P It was just such a good day and a chance to find out that everything I want to do is slowly coming into reach that I got really geeked by it.

    Right now, two shoes is looking like the the first week in July when my Ortho is back from vacation and I can get clearance from him.


  4. sara says:

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