Just a word before I put in the operative report. I’ve edited the report to remove names, etc. Other than that, it should be essentially as printed for me by the surgeon’s office.

Preoperative Diagnosis: Right Achilles rupture

Postoperative Diagnosis: Right Achilles rupture

Procedure Performed:

1.  Right Achilles tendon

2. V-Y fascial lengthening

Anesthesia: Politeal block with general

Tourniquet Time: Sixty-two minutes at 250 mmHg

Drains: None

Complications: None

Procedure:  The patient had a popliteal block. Brought to through O operating room and placed on the operating room table in the supine position. General anesthesia induced. The patient was then placed in the prone position on the operating room table. The pneumatic tourniquet was inflated to the right upper thigh. The right leg was prepped and draped in the usual sterile fashion. The right leg was exsanguinated with an Esmarch tourniquet and the tourniquet was inflated to 250mmHg.

A medial approach to the Achilles tendon was made. Skin incised. Nemostasis achieved. Thick clots were maintained. Paratenon was opened. A large gap was found in the Achilles tendon. The proximal stump had retracted. There was an approximately 3-to-4-cm gap.

The proximal stump was mobilized as well as the distal. Proximal stump did not approximate to the distal stump. It was then decided a V-Y facial lengthening would be performed.

With the proximal stump under tension, a V-Y fascial lengthening was performed on the gastroc. This allowed approximation of the two stumps. The fascia anterior to the Achilles wsa then opened to allow closure of the paratenon.

Then, #2 Orthocord was then placed in the Achilles in the proximal and distal stumps. Skin edges were allowed to be approximated with good tension of the musculotendinous unit. These were secured provisionally. With adequate tension these were secured. The repair site wsa supplemented with cross stitches.

The V-Y fascia sites were closed using 0 Vicryl.

The wound was copiously irrigated with normal saline. Deep tissues were closed using 2-0 Vicryl. The subcuticular layer was closed using 3-0 Vicryl. The skin was closed using 4-0 nylon. Marcaine 0.5% 10cc were then injected into the wound. Tourniquet was deflated as dry sterile dressing, compressive dressing, short-leg fiberglass cast were applied. The patient was awakened in the operating room and brought to recovery in stable condition.

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