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December 30, 2011 | |

Yesterday I went for my 4th post op appointment.  The doctor said I would go into a boot and I did.  He said I need to progress from PWB to FWB in 2-3 weeks and that I should be FWB without crutches by the time I see him on Jan. 30. He also ordered 4 weeks of physical therapy.  If I understood him correctly I will only be in the boot a month instead of 3 months like I thought.

I went to the physical therapist on my way home and set up my first appointment for this morning. I had been going to the PT before my surgery for a hamstring injury so we were able to just pick up where we left off.  This morning I went and started working on range of motion and bending my foot.  I can’t get far but she expects that I will progress quickly.  I bought a wobble board today so I can do the exercises at home too.

Starting on the crutches was a bit rough.  Yesterday I couldn’t get the hang of it and was having a hard time. I thought that even 2 weeks was going to be an eternity if that was how it was going to go.  Today was much better. I have the hang of walking on the crutches now.  I am supposed to put 25% weight on foot. I think it might go faster.

The doctor also said I could use the stationary bike and that I could swim again.  I tried the bike yesterday for 10 minutes.  It was pretty good but I am going to take it easy for a few days.  I was going to swim today but I didn’t get back to the pool.  The Rec Center has limited hours because of winter break and won’t be open again until Tuesday.  I may try to go to the city rec center near my house on Monday to swim.  There is also a therapy pool there.  The pool is deeper than the one at the Rec Center so I should be able to try running in the water a little. He does not want me to use fins yet.

I had some pain in my ankle after I scrubbed off the dry skin and the scabs. I’m pretty happy with the way my scar is healing too. It looks much better than it did a few weeks ago.  The pain didn’t last long and I iced it.  I’m pretty happy to be at this point for the New Year.


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