5 1/2 weeks in

So I am now at my 5 1/2 week mark and stir crazy would be an understatement. However I am glad to have gone to 20 degrees with my VacoPed (taking a wedge out).

Weight bearing as tolerated, cleared to travel longer distance (no flying scheduled so that will be another conversation)

I still deal with a heavy dose of inflammation, but I ice and take Aleve or some type of all day anti-inflammatory.

I am also excited to start water weight exercises next week. I go to 2 different Physical Therapy places and the first has no under water treadmill, which is surprising when I saw they want me walking! In my case mentally there’s no way my first steps out of my boot are on solid ground. The good thing about the under water treadmill is that I will be able to build strength and start to get some cardio in without a gait issue.

Shout out to VacoPed and the Evenup, if you are having gait issues look it up, everyone I pass thinks that it is the greatest tool paired with a boot.

Until next time

Been busy on to week 3

I have been away as trying to figure out how to work again, but I did want to give an update!

Today is actually 3.5 weeks post op, and I have begun WB with assisted device! Also had my first PT session today!

To say I wasn’t a little in fear of going to PT would be an understatement, but I got through and feel much better.

I still have some tingling in my toes, but scar and inflammation seem to be going well.

I am thinking of getting a game ready system for my house, because it will make life so much easier.

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