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Jun 26 2011

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nothing really of interest to report except that the massage to break up scar tissue was electrifying …. literally. as she was working on the calf, i had to look around and ask if she had a zapper in her hand b/c these little electric shocks were coursing up and down my leg. it was the weirdest thing!

more zapping

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Jun 13 2011

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so i finally had my first PT appointment since the injury!

i wasn’t even nervous about going since i was already familiar with my physical therapist. Carolann of Apple Therapy had worked with me many, many years ago when i injured my knee, so seeing her again was no big deal. i knew she’d take real good care of me

but my first appointment took forever … there was a lengthy review of my injury and then a physical inspection of my leg and incision before any PT took place. she went over the steps involved in recovering from an injury like this and warned me not to push too hard in the beginning. my incision site looks good, but there are two small areas where the stitches have not been absorbed. it’s only a matter of time before these will disappear

she also informed me that i had a DIRECT REPAIR of the Achilles and that healing from this type of surgery is sometimes easier than for someone who had cadaverous tendons put in

the rest of my leg, however, looks like a train wreck

first of all, my skin is so flaky and scaly that removing my walking boot was embarrassing. white particles flew around like it was snowing! GROSS!

then there is the issue of these red inflamed bumps all over my leg. they don’t itch, but Carolann thought it must be an allergic reaction to whatever it was they used in. upon investigation on the internet and poking around my leg with my fingernails reveals ingrown hairs! YUCK!!!! i’ve never had an ingrown hair in my life, but now my leg is covered in them


so another thing to be really embarrassed about. great. and how do i remove about a million of them?

sometimes my toes are tingly, too, but everyday i get more and more sensation, so i’m not so worried about my toes (although for some reason, i’ve lost all my toe nails on my OTHER foot and i have no idea why …. all the meds for those first 6 weeks? anybody have a clue??)

we both looked at my leg and noticed that i have a weird bump near the ankle on the left side. fluid retention. oh joy. i guess the boot strap was tighter near my ankle and naturally the other parts of my leg got all poofy. another fun leg fact of mine!

Carolann got to work on relaxing and gently stretching the calf muscle. she was very careful near the incision site and worked to get that lump out

it felt weird to have anyone touching my leg since it’s so gross, but i appreciated that she was gentle and not aggressive

after her massage, i was hooked up to the zapping machine. a cold press was put on my leg and four sticky electrodes were placed on my leg in differing areas. these were hooked up to a machine that emitted little electric shocks. it’s all tingly-like. i sat there for 20 minutes and just vegged basically. next time i’ll bring my book


so that was that. pretty painless the first time out!

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