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… POP !

damn, i’ve heard that sound before … a long time ago when i popped my right calf muscle seconds into a tennis practice. it stopped me cold and took my breath away

this time it was slightly different

i heard it but didn’t feel it. but i knew i wasn’t good. my leg simply stopped working, everything went black and i saw streaks of white light as i began spiraling downward onto the court. i remember as i was going down thinking that it was going to be one helluva face plant and that i hoped someone had a camera to capture the moment

i came to writhing in agony on my back, fully conscious of how dirty the tennis court was since i could feel the dirtlets pressing into my sweaty palms, but i couldn’t feel any scrapes on my hands. when i opened my eyes, i saw my mixed doubles partner kneeling over me holding my leg up. he told me to lie still. he assured me that even though he was an otolaryngologist he knew an Achilles tendon tear when he saw, or in my case, felt one

someone ran for ice, another for a wheelchair and all the while my mixed doubles partner kept holding my leg up

but all i really wanted to know was if there was blood anywhere and if someone snapped a picture. the answer was a NO to both. darn!

the opposing team came up and i asked for a medical time out, but my partner assured me i was not getting up anytime soon. we forfeited to the number one team and that hurt more than the rupture, believe me, because, dear readers, we were ahead in the third set tie-break and about to take the match!

it sux not finishing a match. we shook hands and off they went happy to have a winning season

the rest of my teammates stayed with me until the wheelchair came. i was torn about which ER to go to, so i called a girlfriend. she told me to go the Elliot’s ER but to call first. i did and they said they weren’t backed up. LIARS! but at least they would give me pain meds for the pain, right? in hindsight, i should have gone home, washed up, ate a good dinner and then just went to an ortho the next morning b/c i sat in the ER 6 hours, mostly in the waiting room and then later on a gurney in the hallway. there’s really no privacy in a hallway

only the PA visited me and she concluded i had torn the muscles in my left leg, but not my Achilles. they casted my lower leg, gave me pain meds, a strong dose of morphine as a parting gift, and told me to call an ortho the next morning

ER pain
oh joy … no more tennis for a while

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  1. normofthenorthon 13 Jun 2011 at 2:06 pm 1

    Great post, mizlgw, and I can relate to the competitiveness, too Keep ‘em coming! :-)

    There’s a whole sequence about ER experiences, and another one about ATRs in the UK. Like American comedian Rodney Dangerfield, ATR patients “don’t get no respect”, especially in ERs. Lots of misdiagnoses and second-rate treatment.

    BTW, has British usage come over to calling ERs ERs?? There used to be another name, maybe with “Accident” or “Trauma” in it, no?

  2. normofthenorthon 13 Jun 2011 at 2:07 pm 2

    (By “There‚Äôs a whole sequence” I meant There’s a full blog page with lots of posts”, here on this remarkable website.)

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