Replacing tip of crutches

After the ATR and prior to my surgery, while I was hobbling away, my crutches had slipped about six different instances. Five of those cases, a crutch was luckily able to slip and hit a barrier and prevented me from falling completely to the floor. One of those cases, I actually ended up hitting where [...]

Day 6 post op

It’s Day 6 post surgery.
In the few days since the last post, the pain has mostly become minimal. Online literature suggest elevation slight at or above heart level and not placing pressure directly on the AT wound. Occasionally the repaired foot would feel tight or similar to needles poking along the foot where the AT [...]

Day 1 post op

My ATR repair surgery was on Feb 15, 2019. Today is Day 1 post surgery.
I could eat solid soft foods right after surgery without nausea, but the throat did slightly sting when swallowing, since a tube was stuffed down my throat during the surgery.
Currently, my right leg is protected by splints and dressing, and instructed [...]

My Achilles Tendon Rupture

Hi World.
I’m Mirei, a 29 yr old gal who loves running (frequent half marathoner), biking, and hiking.
On Jan 30, 2019, I was running up a ramp, slipped and the heel caught on slight ledge that was enough for me to land badly on my right leg. I felt a sharp slap on the back of [...]