Replacing tip of crutches

After the ATR and prior to my surgery, while I was hobbling away, my crutches had slipped about six different instances. Five of those cases, a crutch was luckily able to slip and hit a barrier and prevented me from falling completely to the floor. One of those cases, I actually ended up hitting where the ATR injury was. I was only fazed by the last one and the one involving ice outdoors. Post surgery, a slip-catch moment due to a movable carpet really had my heart jumping out. It’s funny how the mindset has changed.

Prior to surgery, these slips usually were due to small amounts of water on the hardwood floor, loose snow on ice, or sufficient dustbunnies connected on the crutch tips to induce slip when placed at a slanted angle.

I recommend fellow crutch users to be wary of slightly wet floor, try to keep the tips clean and remove slid-able isolated carpet mats. Use crutches wisely, when going up the stairs, place crutch tips in strategic places (i.e where they are restrained by a barrier /wall/step). Or just use your butt and good leg going up and down the stairs.

I’m going to try out alternative crutch tips and perhaps add feedback here

shown in

another alternative is

These might be more slip resistant with wet floor, but not sure about dustbunnies.

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